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CalREDD has Fresno MLS members seeing RED.

by Greg Robertson on August 20th, 2009

The early reports are in and they are not good for CalREDD or their new MLS vendor Concentric.


Here’s some of the feedback I’ve been reading….

calREDD MLS <>
“It’s too bad you didn’t consult with a real Real Estate agent when you developed this program. I resent being this much of a guinea pig at the expense of losing sales due to your poor program.”

Fresno Real Estate Market Talk: Fresno MLS CalRedd system starts off badly
“They should have had a transition period where our old system, “Rappatoni” would work and we could migrate to the new “CalRedd” system. That is not the case, and basically our business is somewhat paralyzed until we can get the data correct.”

London Properties: Fresno Valley Real Estate and Homes:CalRedd
” one thing she has learned so far this that when you click on “think” don’t keep clicking it let the system have time to down load”

From our own comments on Vendor Alley, one reader comments:
“Not impressed with CalREDD at the moment. I’ve used Rapattoni, MLXchange, MLSListings, Paragon, and a couple of other MLS’s in the past. CalREDD is the worst one. It is slow and also missing simple functionality that can be found in all of the above mentioned MLS’s. Fresno made a big mistake by switching over from a far greater system in Rapattoni.”

A California Statewide MLS Provider

A California Statewide MLS Provider

I’ve been in this business long enough to know that every MLS conversion has its fair share of nightmares. Fresno is a relatively small MLS (about 4,000 members) and C.A.R. is trying to convince everyone they have what it takes to be a statewide MLS provider. You would think that with such a bright spotlight upon them they would take extra special care on getting this right.

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  1. Frustrated permalink

    We are returning to Rapattoni! Best news ever!

  2. Say Good Night Gracie! permalink

    Put a fork in CalREDD…It’s done… Well Done!

    Fresno MLS Welcomes Back Rapattoni!

  3. Desperate Realtor in Fresno permalink

    WOW, What a sigh of relief. Thanks to everyon who played a vital role in getting Rappatoni back. My breathing has returned to normal with this good news.

  4. Guinea Pig permalink

    This must be how Dorothy felt after returning from OZ

  5. Big win for Rapattoni, big setback for calREDD and Concentric Software.

  6. Mike Silvas permalink

    The board of directors of the Fresno Association of REALTORS® is putting its participation in calREDD™ on hold. While we respect the decision of Fresno’s leadership and its board of directors, this was disappointing news. Here is calREDD™’s press release on today’s action:

    LOS ANGELES (Sept. 1) – calREDD™ today announced that the Fresno Association of REALTORS® is putting its participation in the statewide Multiple Listing Service (MLS) launched Aug. 17 on hold. calREDD™, an acronym for California Real Estate Dynamic Data, embodies the vision of creating one database for all California real property, with advanced technology that goes beyond current MLS systems.

    “We are, at heart, a member-driven organization. This has informed and guided our efforts since day one,” said Mike Silvas, CALMLS chairman and co-owner of Morgan Lane Real Estate, a luxury market brokerage based in Napa, Calif. “While this was disappointing news, we respect the decision of the Fresno Association of REALTORS® leadership and its board of directors.

    “We know the rollout has been a hardship for many and that it’s created an additional challenge for users who have had to simultaneously learn the new system while running their day-to-day businesses,” Silvas said. “However, we continue to believe that participation in calREDD™ is in the best interests of the Fresno association, its members, and their clients.”

    calREDD™’s integration with the Madera Association of REALTORS® and the Merced County Association of REALTORS® is proceeding on schedule as planned. Leadership of both associations have expressed their ongoing support of calREDD™ and are pleased with the progress that has been made in the last two weeks.

    “While we experienced our share of glitches during the deployment and conversion process, we have made great strides in speed, performance and the rollout of new features and enhancements since the launch,” said calREDD™’s Scott Kucirek. “Constructive feedback about opportunities for improvement has been invaluable as we’ve worked our way through the launch. The calREDD™ system of the Aug. 17 launch is clearly not the calREDD™ of today, and we are closer than ever to having a robust MLS system fully in place.

    “Our commitment to provide a next-generation MLS system to each association has never wavered, and we are making measurable progress toward that goal every day,” Kucirek said.

    calREDD™ enables brokers and agents to access the statewide data through any participating AOR or MLS. Associations and MLSs may be part of the system by using the new vendor as their primary software or under a hybrid arrangement using an association’s existing vendor connecting to the statewide system through calREDD™ for the rest of the data. To date, 68 local REALTOR® associations and multiple regional MLSs representing more than 120,000 members across the state have recognized the importance of a statewide MLS and have signed letters of intent to participate in this critical endeavor.

    Leading the way…® in California real estate for more than 100 years, the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® ( is one of the largest state trade organizations in the United States, with nearly 165,000 members dedicated to the advancement of professionalism in real estate. C.A.R. is headquartered in Los Angeles.


  7. "Freedom of Speech and the Right to Vote" permalink


    It actually is a HUGE win…for the “majority” of Members of FAR including and Appraisers…however, we were not looking for a “win” …we just wanted to get back to work. Many of us wasted time and lost money.

    It appears Concentric software has some good ideas..however, they rolled out their “product” clearly before it was ready.
    Therefore, they created their “own” setback
    along with CalREDD’s.

    “Freedom of Speech and the Right to Vote”

  8. Guinea Pig permalink

    Mike Silvas,

    If the system was so great, why didn’t you implement it first in Napa. Surely you would have some pull to accomplish that?

  9. Every conversion goes badly for some REALTORS in every market – even when they are perfect. Change always causes tragedy for some.

    I feel badly for everyone who put so much effort into trying to make it work – the FAR members, board, calredd staff, concentric staff and CAR board – even Rapattoni. Now I am sure they will be taxed again to put everything back the way it was.

  10. @Victor I couldn’t agree with you more. The MLS business is tough. I’m sure calREDD and Concentric Software learned a lot during this process.

    Does anyone know if Madera Association of REALTORS® and the Merced County Association of REALTORS® have a parallel MLS system running?

  11. Fresno Realtor/Broker permalink


    I too…”feel badly for everyone who put so much effort into trying to make it work – the FAR board, President of FAR, the FAR staff..”
    However…I feel worse for the Members.. who were FORCED to use a program and system that was not fully beta tested.. let alone
    VOTED on by the ENTIRE membership.

    I can assure you…ANY major change such as the MLS software provider will be
    explained to and voted on by ALL of the Members of the Fresno Association of Realtors!

  12. Happy Realtor permalink

    Ok good news, but lets not give up, someone needs to make a motion at the next FAR Board meeting to make it so if their is going to be a change in the MLS Provider it needs to have a member vote.

    Also another reason to stay away from a state wide MLS is because it will take away sales for the local agents.

  13. Active Agent permalink

    Let’s start with getting rid of the FBOR/MLS Members and management asap.

  14. Yes FOR RAP permalink

    I second that motion. How soon can we get rid of the MLS/FBOR Board Members and staff? What is the procedure and how quickly can they be gone? THEIR ARROGANCE IS SICKENING!

  15. The Merced and Madera Associations continue to run quite well on the CalREDD system. They are not running a parallel system.

  16. RESage permalink

    This is a huge black eye for C.A.R., as well, especially during a time when they should be doing things to help their members make more money and be more successful.

    calREDD was, and still is, a solution in search of a problem and a HUGE waste of the members time and membership dues. Very sad.

  17. Fresno Realtor/Broker permalink


    Madera and Merced would be happy with ANYTHING in comparison to what they had..

    …Come ..on Mike..Sell the product to your OWN Association…We are done drinking the Cool Aid!

  18. RESage permalink

    @Mike Silvas With all do respect, two weeks and 57 comments later and finally a response from a calREDD official which consists of nothing more than a copy and paste of an official press release from caREDD’s owner, C.A.R. Unbelievable.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Goodbye Calredd!!!!!!!!!

  20. Techie Agent permalink

    Expired, Just wanted to say, my list is not needed and YES I am an agent, full time. I am just very open to change. My office acctually increased sales last month, so I have to say, we are a group that looks a challange head on.

    I am fine with returning to Rapp, I am going to miss some of the options CalREDD had.

    I am fine with going back, I would like to see Rapp, modify and add some of the options that CalREDD had.

    Congrats to all that spoke their mind positive or negative.

    Make it a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Fresno Realtor/Broker permalink

    To Techie Agent:

    Please let everyone including Rapattoni know what would you like to see Rapattoni modify and what options that CalREDD had would you like added?
    I think your input would be a good start in helping to give all of the members a “voice”
    in what they like and possibly add how the feature helps you. If there is one thing I personally learned through out this process and especially the “training sessions” it was…MANY of the Realtors do NOT use most of Rapattoni’s features to the FULLEST or at all. One of the greatest features I find in Rapattoni is the “Bird’s eye View” option in the mapping..You can CLEARLY see the home from all angles..and if in indeed it does have R.V. Parking (possible or otherwise)..another feature I use often is the ability to MAP your showings in ORDER… a huge help for both you and your clients. The auto prospecting is also awesome..and instant…the KEY feature..I have had the first Offer on many homes because of this “instant” feature. I suggest realtors…take “brush up” classes on the new features as they become available…Rapattoni is always upgrading and updating their software. Just since we have “been away” they have added a “key feature” to the “Save Searches”…now you can click on the icon next to the name of the search and either see the criteria or click on the other icon..and run the search instantly…very nice!

    I could gone on…but I need to get back to work.. So pass the word on at your office…if they like change…make sure to use all of the features Rapattoni has to to the fullest! That will probably be a huge change in its self!

    ** Seriously, I am interested in what features you like that Concentric offered and how they were helpful. (I am not trying to be “flip” with this question)

    I plan on making it a great…weekend!

  22. Techie Agent permalink

    Fresno Realtor/Broker,
    I have already started my list. All of the features you mentioned I use, I agree a lot of people don’t know all of the features. I will be sending my list over. Since I was in contact with FAR during this they know what I really liked so my list of requested items won’t surprize them. Thanks for the email, I appreciate conversation without snide undertones (that is not what this should be about).

    Glad to hear you are gong to make it a great weekend, I will be doing the same.

    If you would like, I will post my list after I send it to FAR.

  23. Dan permalink

    Sage in right. The reason Cal, and Rap were not ran at the same time is because Rap refused good for them. Why would they condone this make shift company Calredd, or Calredd no other clients. FAR pulled the plug because of a 911 meeting in which President of FAR was told change it or else. Personal gain has no place in this business. When RE Agent tried to band together FAR told them to shut up or else.

  24. Happy Rap Agent permalink

    I feel it is time to move on removing the existing boards/MLS and FBOR…..Anybody have any knowledge of how this procedure can be started?

    What a great day we all had today…..No thanks to the existing Pres.etc….

  25. "Freedom of Speech and the Right to Vote" permalink

    After reading the LATEST “email” from:

    James Liptak, 2009 President

    I feel the need to clarify his statement:
    “As with most conversions of this scale, it was a bumpy launch” BUMPY” !

    BUMPY…Really? I called and spoke to a Gentleman at did many other members…and BUMPY was NEVER a term that was used! “Closed Road ahead”, “Detour”, “Expect delays”, “USE caution” , “BRIDGE OUT”, “Enter at your OWN RISK” none of those phrases …come CLOSE to describing the “nightmare” we went through for the last 2 weeks! Who does CAR think they are kidding?

    Madera and Merced love it…Come on..

    The total of the following 3 associations have LESS than 1/2 of Fresno’s Membership..and NOW they can not access our listings….how long will the honeymoon last!

    The Lake County Association of REALTORS
    570 MEMBERS (due to Join CalREDD this month)

    The Madera County Association of REALTORS
    134 MEMBERS

    The Merced CountyAssociation of REALTORS
    400 MEMBERS

    This is CAR’s Baby…let’s see if they can sell the “Kool Aide” to larger Realtor Associations…Doubtful..after our disaster!

    By the way… The total of Members who voted YES to go back to Rapattoni was much more than the TOTAL of Both Madera and Merced’s Associations and a number of the yes VOTES came from Madera. Total of NO votes were less than 60.

    Thank you… to all of the members who exercised their “right” to vote “yes”
    or “no”. There is no “right” answer. We just wanted an honest answer.

    “Freedom of Speech and the Right to Vote”

  26. Love Rapattoni permalink

    “Freedom of Speech and the Right to Vote” ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now that we got rid of CalREDD, the next mission MUST be to get rid of the BIG “P” PRESIDENT of the board for his dishonesty to the members by indicating that Rapattoni could not be brought back. We can’t afford to have individuals on the board who make irresponsible decisions on behalf of the hard working members for their personal gain. Not to mention the conflict of interest between the President and Tech person (brothers).

    In reality, we NEED to get rid of the entire board for all the hardship they caused the members for three weeks.


  27. John McMillen permalink

    Switching back was a big mistake. We should have went through the growing pains. It’s too bad people are unwilling to change. Rapattoni is a dinosaur of an MLS system. Two more weeks of working out the kinds and we would have been fine. Yes, calREDD needs vasts improvements, but it is going to be worth the switch.

  28. Successful Realtor permalink

    99% of the members were for Rapattoni.
    This case is closed.

    CalREDD is an excel spreadsheet program setting us back over 10 years.
    None of the larger cities want to touch the program. What does that tell you?

  29. Fresno Realtor permalink

    John McMillen …

    You may have a Ph.D…however,I am not sure you are qualified to make any statement regarding Rapattoni or ANY MLS system for that I see it…you are a new menber of FAR( less than 6 months), you have YET to Close a sale, have one pending sale, and no listings…
    Your statement “Rapattoni is a dinosaur of an MLS system” Ugh? Do you know how to use Rapattoni? I am thinking no..if you look at your production…let alone your statement.


  30. Desperate Realtor in Fresno permalink

    I am very grateful we are back to Rappatoni. I can now process my work quickly and my buyers are happy with me again. All of them complained about the way the listings came to them under CalRedd. So, let us all be grateful to God that we are now back to business as usual and no more wasted time trying to learn that complicated system which as its best, was awful. Blessings to you all.

  31. Moderator permalink

    These Forums are not for personal attack everyone has a right to express their opinions. And we must respect those opinions. Even if we don’t agree with them.

  32. Names withheld 4 a reason! permalink

    Fresno CalREDD Update:
    To Victor Lund, Greg Robertson, and all of the other “bloggers” on this site…
    on August 31, 2009, Victor Luna wrote: “It almost seems unfair that so many of these comments are anonymous”!
    NOW….the following information will tell you why!
    The Fresno Board of Realtors has filed a law suit against the “Freedom of Speech and the Right to Vote” Group. By filing this law suit they “forced” by way of “subpoena” the email company, “Constant Contact” to release the name of the owner of the email address, and also the name of the person (s) who sent an email through “Constant Contact” on August 27th, 2009 to all FAR Members, asking them to voice their opinion regarding CalREDD vs. Rapattoni and “exercise their right to vote”.

    If you would like a copy of the law suit and a copy of the “email” they are suing us over…please contact me at

    We are not sure why the President (Jared Martin) and Board of Directors would consider wasting “our” membership dues on such a ridiculous law suit. However, The link below …takes you to an article written by Imman News…on December 8, 2009.
    In part the article says: …”The Fresno association met with CAR executive leadership last week, and “they are still working on a solution to get back in line,” for calREDD implementation. “From what I’ve heard, (Fresno officials) are supportive of calREDD!”

    The “Fresno officials” filed their “law suit” on November 30th, 2009 a week before the article was written…coincidence? Possible?

    We are ready to fight this law suit and in the process make some changes such as: 1) Major decisions like “changing our MLS system” or going to a Statewide MLS MUST have 80% approval of the membership, 2) ALL voting is NO longer done via fax or mail to the FAR office 3) the Board of Directors and the President have nothing to do with the nominees for the MLS committee, or selecting the “chairpersons” .

    Yes, I am the owner of the email address, if you want know my name at this time…feel free to send me yours and I will send you mine.

    As a reference…go back and look up the blog from: “Freedom of Speech and the Right to Vote” DATED: August 31, 2009 at 5:27 pm

  33. ready to vote! permalink

    I am member of the Lake County Assoc. of Realtors, we are coming up for week 4 since the launch in Jan and all hell has broken loose.
    Many members are frustrated with the system because of its NUMEROUS deficiences. We have been told that we do not have the same issues the Fresno had but as I read the blogs – WE DO! The system is not ready to be launched but Claredd just wants to achieve its goals and it seems we are the pawns in their politics that they hope will make it possible. They want to help, have great customer support and a friendly team but the system is not ready and who knows when it will be? Bottom line is that we have been sold a defunct bill of goods and CALREDD needs to back off selling this to any more associations until this is a streamlined product.

  34. We converted to CalREDD at Yosemsdite Gateway Association of Realtors (YGAOR), Oakhurst, on May 3. It has gone amazingly well for us and it is great to be able to access Madera, Merced, and Mariposa listings. I love it, and have heard no complaints from other agents in our association. We look forward to having Fresno on board again, with this improved and powerful program. We now have access to many Fresno listings, because many of the Fresno listing agents are also members of one of the calREDD Associations.

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