Move, Inc. adds “blood oath” provision for new employees

blood oath
Move, Inc. today announced a change to its hiring practices. In the announcement they have stated all new employees and many current employees will be required to enter in to a “blood oath” with the company. The oath states they promise never to leave or work for another company in the real estate industry.

“This is just an expansion of our current HR policy.” said Move, Inc. CEO Ryan O’Hara. “Going forward, along with our standard 100 year non-compete agreement, new employees will be required to enter in to a blood oath, vowing loyalty to Move, Inc and Move, Inc. alone. continued Mr. O’Hara. “Dale Stinton will conduct the ceremony in a special room being built in the basement of the Chicago Headquarters of the National Association of REALTORS.” concluded Mr. O’Hara.