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Jan 22 18

Looking for a new gig?

by Greg Robertson

MLS Manager – Oklahoma City Metropolitan Assn. of REALTORS

“The Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® is seeking an experienced MLS Manager to direct our 5600 member organization, MLSOK, Inc.

The MLS Manager must be fully knowledgeable of the relationship between vendors and MLSOK, Inc., all governing documents, legal issues relevant to the MLS system, and fully conversant with the real estate profession.”

Marketing Events Coordinator – W+R Studios

“W+R Studios is looking for a highly-motivated Marketing Events Coordinator. This person would be responsible for all aspects of event marketing including planning, vendor coordination, budget management, event success/lead gen, and tracking. W+R Studios’ events include trade shows, client summits, office meetings/presentations, educational conference support, internal group meetings, and company-wide year end team meetings.”

Marketing/Office Assistant – W+R Studios

The Marketing/Office Assistant will be primarily responsible for Marketing Team support and office services. The ideal candidate will demonstrate enthusiasm, a “can-do” attitude, and willingness to help in every capacity.”

Jan 19 18

Could Cloud MLX be the answer to your consolidation efforts?

by Greg Robertson


“Rather than combining data into a single database, Cloud MLX acts as a virtual MLS layer on top of multiple MLS databases. Real estate agents are able to search for listings similar to how they search on Google, providing a modern way of searching, sharing and collaborating with MLS data, clients and other agents.

I’ve been excited to share this with everyone. I think Cloud MLX can serve as another tool in regard to consolidation challenges. Right now SFAR and BAREIS are on Rapattoni, and BridgeMLS is on Paragon. Theoretically we could have any type of MLS System under Cloud MLX and multiple MLS providers, and all those databases are still separate. This allows everyone to maintain their independence while providing their respective members with seamless access to the MLS data they need.

With this type of setup we could have launched BrightMLS (BrightMLX?) in under a month. It could also work for combined single database efforts like GRID MLS (GRID MLX?). You could have agents search either their local traditional MLS system, or login in to Cloud MLX and have access to multiple MLS providers with an easy to use modern interface. See below for a quick promo video we created to promote the Bay Area launch to get a better idea.

As is often discussed, the tech is somewhat easy, the politics are hard, but the MLS providers in the Bay Area made it happen. Kudos to K.B., Walt, DeVina and the others for starting this journey with us.

And if you are interested in learning more about Cloud MLX this video is a good start.

Jan 18 18

Speaking of lists

by Greg Robertson

I’m going to start a new feature. It’s called the Vendor Alley Shit List.

Here’s how it works. Whenever I see or hear about (from you readers) of a company/person/group doing something completely wrong/idiotic/lame, I’m going to post the video below along with a short snippet of why this company/person/group deserves to make the list.

Oh, by the way, this is not a joke.

Jan 18 18

More recognition for Industry players

by Greg Robertson

When the Swanepoel Power 200 (SP200) list came out I didn’t catch a few other categories they had listed, Emerging Leaders, Trendsetters and Social Influencers. And they are full of some of my favorite people, and while I can’t highlight them all I thought some deserve quick shout out.

Shelley Specchio was listed in the Emerging Leaders section. Note to the SP200 folks, Shelley “emerged” about 10 years ago, and has been a strong leader in this industry ever since, first at NNRMLS and now MIBOR.

So glad to see Joseph Cullom get some props. What I like about Joseph is that his is unafraid to try new things and shake it up a bit. We need more leaders like that.

And speaking of shaking things up, Tim Dain, has been the mad scientist in the MLS world. You can see a lot of his fingerprints on the many initiatives out there today.

And Jeremy Crawford has really taken the horse by the reins with RESO. The sense of urgency is higher than ever, just like the number of attendees to his conferences.

On the vendor side the more I learn about Buyside the more I’m impressed with what Charles Williams is putting together.

The first time I met Tyler Gordon I was impressed with his product and vision for a more connected experience in real estate.

It’s hard to highlight any of the Social Influencers list because I follow them all. But you gotta be reading everything Sam DeBord writes, Katie Lance is a pleasure to work with, and Heather Elias has recently started a company, Artisan Consulting.

Jan 18 18

ShowingTime launches MarketView, new product for Brokers to help with recruiting and market knowledge.

by Greg Robertson

ShowingTime Introduces MarketView Broker, a Browser-Based Application for Brokers to Recruit Top Performers and Determine Market Share

“We believe MarketView Broker will become an essential tool for brokers to recruit top agents, gain market share, have a deeper knowledge of the markets they serve and provide a clear competitive advantage in a highly competitive marketplace,” said ShowingTime President Michael Lane.
“It can be accessed on any device from anywhere, and will be available to customers and prospective customers looking to grow their presence in the 300+ markets where ShowingTime offers services.”

I’ve always been impressed with ShowingTime. They are doing a lot of things right and you can tell there is a lot of thinking from the top down. Here’s a few observations.

1. They invest in themselves – They’ve made some savvy acquisitions to increase market share of their core product ShowingTime.

2. They made their data an asset – They are creating a proprietary dataset based on the data they collect through their own products. Their ShowingTime Showing Index tracks the average number of buyer showings on active residential properties on a monthly basis.

3. They give their customers better ways to leverage their data. – They are also creating (or acquiring) other products that leverage that data with products like MarketStats, and now MarketShare.

A couple small quibbles – Their UI, mostly on their MLS product, and having an API (iframes are not cutting it anymore). While I think they are doing a good job in data visualization in reports, I think that some focus on UI would really pay a lot of dividends. And making it easier for developers to access their data (via an API) for other apps would only increase its value.

Jan 17 18

Listing Bits: A Sneak Peek at the 2018 Trends Report with Jack Miller, President & CTO of T3 Sixty

by Greg Robertson

The vast majority of real estate professionals read the annual Swanepoel Trends Report for its analysis of the top developments shaping the industry. A phenomenal resource for agents, brokerages, associations, MLS firms and vendors, the T3 Sixty report offers in-depth research around what’s happening in real estate—from investment in tech innovation to the direct buyer phenomena to the latest brokerage models.

Jack Miller is the President and CTO of T3 Sixty, a team of strategic, technological and managerial experts in the residential real estate industry. The premiere consulting firm facilitates solutions for industry players throughout the US and Canada, leveraging their team’s vast experience and personal connections. T3 Sixty offers a wide range of support, including strategic development, technology audits, system design, operational improvement and continuous comprehensive market research. Jack has 16-plus years of experience in real estate, previously serving as the CTO of a boutique real estate brokerage that won Inman’s Innovator of the Year Award.

Today Jack shares his entry into real estate, explaining his role on the Keller Williams software development team as the firm grew from regional player to national franchise. He offers his take on the increasing importance of brokerage culture, the rise of the tech-enabled firm, and the impact of the recent influx of capital in the industry. Jack walk us through several current trends, including the legitimization of the FSBO model, the shifting role of the real estate agent, and the increasing velocity of brokerage expansion. He speaks to the best representations of the newer business models and the momentum of flat fee companies like HomeSmart. Listen in for Jack’s insight around T3 Sixty’s role in the industry and his advice for agents and brokers in the internet age.

What’s Discussed:

Jack’s unique introduction to real estate on Keller Williams’ software development team

The increasing importance of culture as part of the brokerage value proposition

How tech innovation has shifted from consideration to core requirement

The potential impact of the billions invested in real estate in 2017

The role of technology in the growing speed of brokerage expansion

The legitimization of the direct buyer (FSBO) model

Why it’s difficult to commodify real estate

The changing role of the agent as a consultant, counselor

The best representations of the newer business models

Redfin, Compass and Opendoor

– Momentum of flat fee companies (e.g.: HomeSmart)

Why T3 Sixty is betting on the trend toward consolidation

T3 Sixty’s branding as the premiere consulting team for larger, more sophisticated companies

Jack’s advice for new agents around building relationships

How brokerages can recruit a specific audience of agents



Swanepoel Trends Report

Books by Stefan

T3 Summit

T3 Brokerage Accelerator


Connect with Jack Miller:

T3 Sixty

Real Estate Trends on Facebook

Jack on Facebook

Stefan on Facebook

Stefan on Twitter




Jan 17 18

Many MLS Execs and vendors featured on 2018 SP200 list

by Greg Robertson

Swanepoel Power 200

Leaders are evaluated based on the office they hold, the decision-making power associated with the office, the financial resources at their disposal, their organization’s industry significance and geographical reach, public announcements about imminent changes, their tenure and their personal influence in the industry.

Number 1 on the list this year is Gary Keller. Hard to overstate KW’s influence. They are currently the number one brand by agent count, and Gary’s writing have launched many a real estate career.

Bob Hale jumped two spots this year to #32, Art Carter made a big leap from #70 to #49. The list also included, Tom Philips, the venerable David Charron,Teresa King Kinney, Merri Jo Cowen, Rebecca Jensen, former CMLS president Kathy Condon, Jim Harrison, Matt Consalvo, Cantey Davis, Dionna Halland Anne Marie DeCatsye and Dale Ross of RPR.

Other MLS Industry folks sprinkled on the list included Errol Samuelson, who jumped two spots, Chris Bennett, Ben Graboske, Mike Wurzer, Marilyn Wilson, Victor Lund, Chip McAvoy, Gregg Larson, Denee Evans, and Mitch Skinner.

In the notable section of the report, Stefan highlighted a few people. Two of them I’m very interested in, Nick Bailey (#22), new CEO of Century 21. Nick is a Zillow alum, which could make things interesting. And of course Eric Wu, chief product developer for Zillow and Redfin errr… I mean CEO of OpenDoor (and former Trulia alum) 😀

Some new blood I noticed was Leo Pareja of Remine, and taking one of my previous spots at #199, Andrew Flachner (who also happens to be a huge Demi Lovato fan, but that’s another story).

I’m also very flattered to be included on the list as at number #180, which is down from last year at #179. Yikes! I better get to more writing.

Big thanks you to Stefan Swanepoel and Jack Miller. And congrats to everyone!

BTW – Look for a new Listing Bits Podcast this week featuring Jack Miller of T3 Sixty. We had a great conversation that I’m sure many of you will enjoy.

Also, Sorry if I missed anyone, please email if I made an error.

Jan 12 18


by Greg Robertson

“You can have no influence over those for whom you have underlying contempt.” – Martin Luther King, Jr

I came across this quote last year, and still haven’t gotten it out of my head.

Have a great weekend everyone….

Jan 11 18

T3 Sixty welcomes Rick Hoffman

by Greg Robertson


“T3 Sixty now has experienced consultants who can facilitate mergers and acquisitions for technologies companies, real estate brokerages, nonprofit Realtor associations, and MLS organizations.

Hoffman has served as president and COO of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage (NRT-owned offices) in San Diego. Before that he was president of Coldwell Banker Associates Realty – which was, at the time, the third-largest Coldwell Banker franchise in the U.S – and co-founder and CEO of ERA the Property Store. Hoffman has served as president of the San Diego Association of Realtors and member of the Board of Directors of the California Association of Realtors where he served as chairman of their for-profit subsidiary, Real Estate Business Services (REBS).”

In 2017, the company hired three seasoned professionals: Kevin McQueen, specializing in MLS consolidations; Michele Conn, who focuses on technology and large company acquisitions; and Travis Saxton, a specialist in technology solutions and acquisitions. As senior vice president, Hoffman is the newest addition to T3 Sixty’s team.

Seems everyone is gearing up for “The Great Consolidation”.

Jan 10 18

The MLS™ gets high scores in member satisfaction

by Greg Robertson

The MLS™ Customer Satisfaction Remains Strong, According to Annual Survey

“Overall satisfaction with The MLS™ remains at a high of 89%; the same percentage was reported in 2016, compared to a satisfaction rating of 83% in 2015.

The survey results also reveal that 89% of members rate the quality of The MLS™ products as excellent or good. Meanwhile, 95% of members would recommend The MLS™ to a colleague or friend, while 96% of members feel The MLS™ meets their needs.

“These survey results reflect The MLS™’s commitment to providing our members with top-of-the-line customer service and all of the technical tools to maximize their business’s success,” said Annie Ives, CEO of The MLS™. “With this year’s upcoming launch of the new MLS system VESTAPLUS™, which was built on feedback and input from thousands of agents, we’re striving to further exceed expectations.”

89% is crazy good. Nice to see these numbers with a “home-grown” MLS system like The MLS™ Pro. CLAW has been working on their new MLS System VESTAPLUS™ for quite some time, very curious to see what they’ve been cooking up!