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Dec 16 16

Happy Holidays

by Greg Robertson

W+R Studios had their Year End Meetings this week. We put this video together as we were doing our ugly sweater workshop.


Dec 15 16

The future is Bright MLS!

by Greg Robertson

MRIS and TREND MLS create the country’s largest MLS provider. Huge accomplishment! Congrats to David Charron, Tom Philips and both their respective teams and members. I’m told 7 other contiguous markets have also agreed to join Bright MLS.

Dec 15 16

Results of RESO 2017 BOD elections

by Greg Robertson

RESO Elects 2017 Officers New Board Directors, Strengthens Brokerage Involvement

“Newly elected Officers of the Executive Board include:
Art Carter, CEO, California Regional MLS or CRMLS, re-elected as Chair
Alon Chaver, CIO, HomeServices of America, Vice Chair
Richard Renton, CEO, Triad MLS, re-elected Treasurer
Cary Sylvester, VP of Industry Development, Keller Williams, Secretary
Newly appointed members to the RESO Board of Directors include:
David Gumpper, CTO, Michael Saunders & Company
Glenn Shimkus, VP Product, DocuSign
Craig Cheatham, President and CEO, The Realty Alliance
Newly elected members to the RESO Board of Directors include:
Steve Byrd, CTO, Carolina Multiple Listing Services, Inc.
Chris Carrillo, CEO, Metro MLS
Tim Dain, MLS Director, Austin Central Texas Realty Information Services
Re-elected members to the RESO Board of Directors include:
Ethan Bailey, Senior Director of Software Engineering & Technology, CoreLogic
Mark Wise, VP Technology & Operations, Move”

I’m not sure Alon, Cary, or Craig really qualify as brokers but still a good start.

Dec 12 16

Looking for a new gig?

by Greg Robertson

W+R Studios someone that can cover the East Coast. Start the new year off with a brand new gig!

W+R Studios
Senior Account Manager/Trainer

“We have a great team of smart, fun, creative and talented people. Currently we are looking to grow our team. As a Senior Account Manager/Trainer you will be responsible to help develop, market, train and sell the growing line of W+R Studios software solutions.

You will give live demos, train, hold webinars, exhibit at trade shows, and much more. You should be able to travel, give good phone and have high energy. We are looking for someone to primarily cover primarily cover the east coast.

Find out about this job and more at the Vendor Alley Job Board!

Dec 8 16

REColorado makes multi-million dollar offer to purchase IRES MLS

by Greg Robertson

Leaked document outlines plan….

“REcolorado has made a multi-million dollar offer to purchase all of the assets and liabilities of IRES. This will empower agents and brokers with the benefits that can only come from a real consolidation. MLS regionalization will remove boundaries and provide additional products and services to agents to help them better serve the consumer.”

Looks like Kirby doesn’t screw around. I haven’t heard of an MLS to straight up make an offer to acquire outright.

IRES has over 5,500 members and run their own homegrown MLS, REColorado (formerly Metrolist) has about 19,000 runs Matrix.


Dec 7 16

Come as you are…

by Greg Robertson

So I tweeted this earlier today…

mjnvx72me7xlxxnjymomsa-full-logo-small-transparents-01Just a few minutes ago we pushed it live to production. This means that Cloud CMA can integrate with Zillow’s RETSLY API.

The MLS requested this, and since we didn’t have the MLS already as a Cloud CMA partner it was a no-brainer.

Last month we presented at meeting for RPR showing Cloud CMA working with their AMP API, which is still in beta. And of course Cloud CMA has been working with FBS’ Spark API for many years now.

One thing is for certain, vendors are going to need to be more flexible in the ways they interface with MLS data. It’s going to be awhile till this all shakes out.

Dec 7 16

Real Estate Leaders’ Outlook for Housing Study Released

by Greg Robertson

Renwick Congdon, Chief Executive Officer of Imprev
Study Shows Real Estate Leaders’ Outlook for Housing, Economy Softens for 2017

“When we compare past studies, an interesting trend emerges: Executives and broker-owners are less confident in the global economy and far more confident in their local economies at the end of each year than they were at the beginning. In fact, their confidence grows stronger the closer the economy is to home,” Congdon explains. “This year, while only 4% of leaders say their confidence in the world economy has grown this year, 35% say their confidence in their own local economy has grown; while 13% have gained confidence in the U.S. economy, 26% have more confidence in their own state’s economy.”

I love these kind of insights, but I really love this.

But I wonder if this means anything…

The study was conducted from October 18 to November 1, 2016.

Dec 7 16

More on Opendoor

by Greg Robertson

Ben Thompson of Stratechery has an altruistic view of what the Opendoor can provide the changing job market.


There is a deeper reason why I am excited about Opendoor, and it too is related to how the company’s approach differs from Zillow and Redfin. While Zillow makes it easier to look for new houses, and Redfin promises to save sellers a few bucks, making it trivial to sell a house has the potential to fundamentally impact our economy at a time we desperately need exactly that. Many, including myself, have written about how globalization and technology are upending the job market; one particular challenge is that often new jobs are created in different geographic areas than where job seekers are located.”

The Notorious R.O.B. think he’s figured out how they will pay for it…

Forest for the Trees: Opendoor Edition

“The final observation here is that while buying and selling houses is painful — and Opendoor does want to make that process easier with all of its innovations — the real pain as of today is the financing process. Honestly, compared to trying to get and close a mortgage, the house-hunting process is a joyful jaunt through a shady park on a clear fall day.

Dec 6 16

Diane Ruggiero to take reins at COVE

by Greg Robertson

diane-professional-2014-8x10One name that jumped out at me on the last post was Diane Ruggiero. Diane was in the association and MLS world for 35 years.
-CEO in Burlington County, NJ for 10 years
-CEO in Washington DC when MRIS was formed
-CEO at Kansas City Regional AOR for 15 years and 7 years of that as the CEO as Heartland MLS.

Diane also spent one year at Microsoft HomeAdvisor in the early days of their formation. She joined Ann Bailey at Pranix in January 2016.

With Ann’s retirement Diane will now be the consultant and facilitator for the COVE group going forward. Congrats Diane!

Dec 6 16

N.A.R. CEO Search Committee revealed

by Greg Robertson

I don’t think a recruiter has been announced but from what I understand here are the members of the search committee.

Chris Polychron – Chair, Hot Springs, AR
Cathy Whatley – Vice Chair, Jacksonville, FL

Jeff Barnett, Los Gatos, CA
Tray Bates, Corpus Christi, TX
Brian Copeland, Nashville, TN
Julie DeLorenzo, Boise, ID
Travis Kessler, Austin, TX
Mike McGrew, Lawrence, KS
Mike Pappas, Miami, FL
Beth L. Peerce, Los Angeles, CA
JoAnne Poole, Glen Burnie, MD
Diane Ruggiero, The Villages, FL
Joel Singer, Los Angeles, CA
Tom Stevens, Vienna, VA
Rebecca Thomson, Chicago, IL

The choice seems pretty clear to me.