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Jun 16 16

Annie Ives Profiled in Angeleno Magazine

by Greg Robertson

AnnieNews: CEO Annie Ives Profiled in Angeleno Magazine
A fabulous looking Annie Ives was profiled in Angeleno Magazine. She was listed in the “Power Players” section. Annie really has an incredible story. Below is a quote from the profile.

“The MLS (TM) has undergone incredible changes under Ives’ 20-year leadership. In 2002, with her guidance, the company evolved from a full-service site being managed by a software company to a turnkey, fully independent entity with internally developed and wholly owned and operated systems:THEMLSPRO Member Site and Guest Site.”

I will also add their new product, MLSPLUS, is getting a lot of buzz locally.
Go get ’em Annie!

Jun 16 16

Cloud MLX named as finalist for Inman Innovator Award

by Greg Robertson

Cloud_MLX_symbol_blue2016 Inman Innovator Awards

“The Inman Innovator Awards are given each year to recognize and celebrate industry innovation and accomplishments.

Who qualifies?
In some cases, a specific app, technology or business process qualifies someone for consideration. In other cases, the company as a whole consistently tries new things, adopts new technology or creates a new culture or approach to real estate.”

Super stoked that Cloud MLX made the cut as one of the most innovative technologies in real estate!

Jun 15 16

Lauren Hill joins Clareity Security

by Greg Robertson

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAf9AAAAJDMyOTc1YTU4LTQwNTctNDIxNi04NjU2LTA5MjYxMGVmZjNiMwSpeaking of Clareity Security I’m very happy to hear that Lauren Hill has recently joined Clareity Security as their new Senior Account Executive. Lauren was previously at ListHub as a Regional Account Manager for over 3 years. I think Lauren has an amazing career ahead of her.

Jun 15 16

Clareity Security receives patent

by Greg Robertson

Comparing users handwriting for detecting and remediating unauthorized shared access

“A method of using handwriting input on a touch screen device to verify the identity of a user. The user writes a profile word in an input space provided on the touch screen. Features of the handwriting are captured and sent to a server, which stores the data in a data record associated with the authorized user. When a user subsequently writes a challenge word, the handwriting features of the challenge word are compared to the authorized user’s handwriting data record and given a rating of similarity. If the rating is within a prescribed range, the user’s identity is verified as being the authorized user and permitted to access a given asset. If not, the user’s identity is not verified and that user may be denied access to the asset or other action taken. This biometric feature of authentication may be used alone or in a multi-factor authentication environment.”

This sounds super cool. Congrats Matt and team!

Jun 15 16

VCRDS to end data share with CRMLS

by Greg Robertson

Andrea Brambila reporting for Inman News:

Ending MLS data share could cost agents millions

“VCRDS has about 2,300 active listings in Ventura County and part of Los Angeles County, while CRMLS has about 47,000 active listings throughout California.

VCRDS is jointly owned by the Ventura County Coastal Association of Realtors and the Conejo Simi Moorpark Association of Realtors. It has nearly 4,500 agent and broker members.

The data share termination is a setback for CRMLS’s initiative to build a statewide MLS, according to CRMLS CEO Art Carter.

“Anytime for any reason an association pulls back from sharing data with another association, it’s not a good thing,” Carter told Inman.

“Whether VCRDS believes it or not, the exposure for their data has been significant and [ending the data share] is not a good thing for the agents or the consumer.”

Data sharing between CRMLS and VCRDS will end 90 days from June 6.”

This is going to be tough for members of CRMLS, VCRDS and the vendors that serve them. Speaking of vendors…

“According to VCRDS, it decided to end the data share because of an “unexpected $25,000 cost to reformat its data” from its MLS vendor, Rapattoni Corp.

Brian Tepfer, Rapattoni’s chief technology officer, told Inman that CRMLS requested more than 10,000 data field mapping changes all at once from its data share partners, including Rapattoni clients VCRDS, i-Tech MLS and California Desert Association of Realtors MLS.

Rapattoni does not charge to make MLSs RESO compliant or for run-of-the-mill maintenance fixes, he said, but these data-share changes would be “months of work.””

I’m not sure this is really “months of work” project, but the real cost is focus.

I dunno. Seems like there’s an opportunity for someone to step up here. There’s a lot at stake.

Jun 6 16

Zillow settles lawsuit with MOVE/NAR

by Greg Robertson

Andrea Brambila reporting for Inman News

Zillow and Move settle trade secrets lawsuit for $130M

$130 million smackaroos is all it took.

“Before the settlement, the case was scheduled to go to jury trial today. None of the parties admitted any liability, wrongdoing or responsibility in the settlement agreement, according to a Zillow Group public filing.

Move’s co-plaintiff, the National Association of Realtors, is entitled to 10 percent of the settlement proceeds after deduction of Move’s litigation-related costs and fees, with the remainder being paid to Move, according to a News Corp. public filing.”

All I can say is thank goodness. This was a huge distraction for everyone involved. I’m so happy for Errol, Curt and their families. This had to cause such undue stress on all involved.

I hoping that everyone involved can move forward and forgive and forget. I thought is was bullshit when MOVE and NAR first filed the lawsuit against Errol, especially in an industry where people seem to move from different companies on a regular basis.

But, I was also worried about Zillow’s timing and the aggressive way that they hired Curt. It seemed pretty ruthless.

This industry needs as many smart people involved in the conversation as possible. So NAR, let Zillow Group participate in trade shows and events.

Zillow, the last time I saw Spencer give a talk they asked him what was one of things he would have changed in the past. He said he would have reached out more to the industry. Well, you talked the talk, now walk the walk.

I’m also excited to see what is on the horizon for online real estate. You can bet the competition between MOVE, Zillow Group, Redfin and other is going to be fierce.

I glad were are back to innovation instead of spoliation.

Jun 3 16

The Greatest

by Greg Robertson

prince and ali

RIP Muhammad Ali

Jun 3 16

Pro Tip: How to get your press release or announcement on Vendor Alley

by Greg Robertson

I’m always willing to help other vendors, especially new ones, get the word about their products and services. I also like to get the word out on new initiatives that existing vendors want to announce to the industry. But I’m super busy, so I don’t always get to all the requests I get. So I thought I would lay out a few guidelines that will give you a better shot of me posting something about you.

1. If its a press release please give me a link to where the press release is on your site (preferably) or somewhere on the internet. I hate not having somewhere for a reader to go, while reading my comments, to read your news. This is probably the number one reason I won’t post your story.

2. If you want me to include an image, please send it to me 550 px wide.

3. Also, if I get the news before anyone else than I’m 100% more likely to post.

One other pro tip. I know many companies like to make announcements around bigger events (NAR Annual, Midyear, Inman Connect, CMLS Conference, etc.) I can tell you from looking at the numbers that my site traffic goes WAY down DURING these events. So it might be best to announce your news a week before the event (if you can). I’m also open to “leaking” the news before the official press release/news comes out during the event.

This has been a public service announcement from the publisher of Vendor Alley.

Jun 3 16

Pro Tip: Get Vendor Alley in your inbox

by Greg Robertson

Did you know that you can get all Vendor Alley post delivered right to your inbox?

Here’s how:

Just scroll down on this page. On the right hand side of the page, just after the Blog Roll, you’ll see this.

email form

va inbox

You’re welcome.

Jun 2 16

Eater UI

by Greg Robertson

I was poking around Eater today, looking at some restaurants in Portland for a trip I’m making next week. I really love the way they executed the UI in regard to location and restaurant.

As you scroll down on the restaurants (on the left) the map moves with you and the icon highlights. And of course if you jump click on any map icon the restaurant information jumps ahead. I’ve seen parts of this executed on other sites, but not this well.

Inspiration is everywhere.