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Aug 23 17

Inman says “Blow Up Upstream”

by Greg Robertson

The Inman Files: Blow up Upstream – Why we should pull the plug on this expensive and risky effort

“But I still think it’s time to pull the plug on this project. I do not want to trivialize the well-intended efforts and opinions of so many hard-working people, but it reminds me of Trump’s Wall — grandiose, impractical and inspired by fear. Yes, there is a problem, but Upstream is a wrong-headed solution and a political hairball to build and gain adoption.”

Tell us what you really think Brad!

Plus some advice for new NAR CEO Bob Goldberg

“This is new NAR CEO Bob Goldberg’s opportunity to walk the talk and end a glaring example of old top-down pyramid thinking. Upstream is a classic NAR inside job, intended to benefit a small group of its overall membership.

As in most succession plans, Goldberg has about six months to blame it on the “dead pilot” (former NAR CEO Dale Stinton). Then he must “OWN IT” — good or bad. RPR is Stinton’s love child, not yours, Bob.”

In my interview with Bob Goldberg he told me that all of NAR programs were on the table for review.

Aug 22 17

Not so fast Redfin…

by Greg Robertson

Early last year my company, W+R Studios, did an internal test to see how fast Cloud Streams listing alerts were compared to major portals. It confirmed that Cloud Streams’ listing alerts were the fastest in the industry, the second closet was Redfin. Some of our tests from last year showed we beat Redfin by about 52 minutes. Even Inman News picked up on the story.

Flash forward to today, when Redfin released the findings about independent study done by SSRS (I wonder where they got that idea?). In a blog post titled, “Redfin Notifies Customers About New Listings Hours Faster Than Other Top Real Estate Websites“.

“Redfin was faster to notify subscribers in almost all cases, with 94% of notifications delivered faster than Zillow, and 99% of notifications delivered faster than Trulia and

“Evidence from recent data for 20 major metropolitan areas nationwide shows that Redfin is significantly and uniformly faster to notify its subscribers about newly listed properties than other leading websites such as,, and said Dr. Aniruddha Banerjee, Senior Vice President of Advanced Analytics at SSRS.”

Thanks Doc. This basically confirmed what I already knew over a year ago, performance of listing alerts on major portals suck.

So that got me curious. Did Glenn’s whiz kids do something to their listings alerts that made them faster than Cloud Streams? A few mins later I had my answer.

Winner. Winner. Chicken dinner. Cloud Streams is still faster than Redfin listing alerts. And if Dr. Anirudda Banerjee says Redfin is faster than Zillow, Trulia and than that means Cloud Streams listing alerts are the fastest in the industry (see what I did there?) Boom.

One last thing. How did I know to check my email inbox about a listing alert? Because Cloud Streams sent me a text message. Does your MLS do that? Short answer, nope.

So instead of a listing alert sitting in my inbox for hours, I was notified immediately. Boom Boom.

Aug 22 17

Looking for a new gig?

by Greg Robertson

Multiple Listing Service Director – REALTORS Association of Citrus County

“The REALTORS® Association of Citrus County, FL is seeking a Multiple Listing Service Director to run their MLS Office serving over 900 members.

The ideal candidate will manage the MLS in accordance with NAR’s policies and procedures along with state/federal laws, rules and regulations of the RACC MLS Committee.

Strong knowledge and at least 3-5 year of MLS database management with tech product overlays and interfaces is a must. The MLS Director provides staff MLS support, product recommendations, solutions and tech recommendations to the CEO.”

Find out more about this gig and others at the Vendor Alley Job Board!

Aug 22 17

Listing Bits: Flipping the Pyramid with NAR’s New CEO Bob Goldberg

by Greg Robertson

If you feared more of the same when Bob Goldberg was named CEO of NAR, take heart. The rhetoric of our new leadership is focused on engagement, openness and transparency—knocking down the façade of the ‘Ivory Tower’ and facilitating dialogue with members, even those who disagree.

Bob Goldberg has been a senior executive with NAR since 1995, and his accomplishments include the launch of the REALTOR Benefits Program, the introduction of the top-level domain initiative, and the expansion of NAR’s technology partnerships via Second City Ventures and its REach Technology Accelerator. Prior to NAR, Goldberg served as senior vice president with PRC Realty Systems, the national’s leading provider of online multiple listing systems.

Bob is lauded for his leadership, recently named one of the 2017 Swanepoel Power 200 and Inman News Real Estate Influencers of 2017. Bob has forged his career on designing programs and partnerships to strengthen the REALTOR organization and drive success for its 1.2 million members. Today, he explains his approach to ushering in a new era at NAR, discussing his pursuit of transparency through social media, interviews and opportunities for Q&A. He also addresses his intention to serve members via a ‘flipping the pyramid’ model of leadership, and how he plans to empower his team with the authority to drive change. Listen to understand why Bob is an advocate of tech initiative partnerships, and how NAR can tackle the issue of professionalism among its members—with both consumers and fellow agents.

What’s Discussed: 

Bob’s pursuit of openness and transparency
How Bob plans to connect directly with NAR members
Bob’s interview with Andrew Flachner of RealScout
How Bob and the panel approached Q&A at the NAR Leadership Summit
Bob’s intention to facilitate honest discussion about industry issues
Bob’s mission to break down the façade of the ‘Ivory Tower’
– Message was controlled in past
– Initiate dialogue with dissenting voices

Bob’s ‘flipping the pyramid’ concept
– Think from member perspective first
– Encourage member engagement

The upcoming NAR organizational design study
Greg’s characterization of Bob as having a ‘vibe of inclusiveness’
Bob’s aim to be a different kind of leader
– Visionary
– Empower team with authority to drive change

Bob’s background in MLS technology with PRC
How Bob plans to assess the value prop of tech initiatives
– Cost of product
– Member use

The NAR budget process
How NAR decides to sunset a program that’s run its course
Why Bob does not advocate for a national MLS

– Not NAR’s core competency
– NAR doesn’t have funding to compete
– Better to seek partnerships with experts

Bob’s take on NAR’s role in raising the bar for agents
Professionalism with consumers and fellow members
The complexity of addressing professionalism in the industry
Bob’s willingness to be embrace social media
The world-class talent at NAR
The network effect of engagement


NAR Leadership Summit on Facebook Live
RealScout Interview with Bob Goldberg
RealScout on Facebook

Connect with Bob Goldberg:

Bob on Facebook
Bob on LinkedIn
NAR Leadership Team on Facebook
NAR Leadership on Twitter

Aug 16 17 adds Cloud CMA as member benefit

by Greg Robertson to Offer Cloud CMA as an Exclusive Member Benefit

“This week, expanded its partner software program with a statewide exclusive offering of W+R Studios’ Cloud CMA product. Cloud CMA is a modern, high powered, and visually captivating Comparative Market Analysis platform that allows real estate professionals to create beautiful CMAs with just a few clicks. URE will be seamlessly integrating Cloud CMA into its MLS system so that members will be able to select properties from the MLS and work with those properties in the Cloud CMA software.”

Everybody’s doing it…

Aug 15 17

RESO announces massive update to the Data Dictionary

by Greg Robertson

Real Estate Standards Organization Announces Massive Data Dictionary Update900+ data adds include new Accessibility, Showing Data, Saved Searches, Internet Tracking Features

““This is one huge leap for the RESO Data Dictionary,” said Art Carter, Chair of RESO and CEO at CRMLS, the nation’s largest MLS. “More importantly, this is a giant spring forward to greater innovation …..”

Yup. Lots of cool stuff here.

Aug 15 17

Did Lucie Fortier leave Remine?

by Greg Robertson

My sources say yes.

Well, I guess even with “big data” some things are hard to predict. That being said, I “predict” she’ll land on her feet.

Aug 15 17

What do Jay Z, Sherry Chris (CEO of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate) and now Prince have in common?

by Greg Robertson

They have their own Pantone Colors!

On the custom colour wheel, Jay Z has an odd bedfellow: Pantone privilege doesn’t come cheap

You’re nobody until you’ve purchased your own custom color

Pantone Announces Official Prince Color: Purple ‘Love Symbol #2’

Aug 15 17

Cloud CMA partners with Tom Ferry

by Greg Robertson

W+R Studios partners with Tom Ferry to provide the “Tom Ferry Listing Presentation Kit” to Cloud CMA subscribers

“Together, W+R Studios and Tom Ferry collaborated to come up with new content that will help real estate professionals overcome objections and win more listings. Cloud CMA’s Tom Ferry Listing Presentation Kit includes 20 new report covers that are designed to show the most common reasons why people move, 25 pages of additional report content that is Tom Ferry certified, new designer illustrations, plus Tom Ferry’s Script Book, “Dialogues for Breakthrough Conversations”.

Tom’s dedication to this industry in second to none and we are proud to work with him,” said Greg Robertson, co-founder of W+R Studios. “And this is just the beginning. We will work with Tom, his team and Cloud CMA customers to learn best practices for successful listing presentations so the kit will evolve and get better over time.”

And then this happen…

Aug 15 17

Looking for a new gig?

by Greg Robertson

The Vendor Alley Job Board is blowing up people! We’ve got 8 job listings currently online. Here’s the latest…

Help Desk Support Manager – CarolinaMLS

“Supports and directs a helpdesk support staff of three who provide support to over 11,000 Realtor® members. Support encompasses all tier levels (1, 2, and 3) on core MLS software (Matrix, Realist and GoMLS) for both lo-end and hi-end users, predominantly via phone, but also via e-mail and occasionally walk-ins.”

Vice President of Business Technology – MIBOR REALTOR Association

“This position manages all aspects of Business Support Services by planning, budgeting and administering all activities of the Broker Listing Cooperative® (BLC) listing service, lockbox service, REALTOR Store, and membership services. MIBOR REALTOR Association and BLC serve 8,000 members in Indianapolis and the 14 surrounding counties.”

Sr Professional, Software Engineer – .NET – CoreLogic

“Working under minimal supervision, the Senior Professional, Software Engineer will be responsible for designing, developing, updating and supporting software systems and applications from a broad system-wide perspective. Software Engineers are expected to be an integral part of a development team, competent to work on virtually all phases of application development and capable of independently carrying out all essential development tasks.”

Find out about these gigs and more at the Vendor Alley Job Board!