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Sep 16 14

You’re invited! The Un-Official Pre-Party to CMLS 2014

by Greg Robertson

lamp-shade-on-headIf you are going to arrive early for CMLS 2014 join Dan, myself and the rest of the W&R Studios gang for an Open House at the W&R Studios World Headquarters!

Tuesday night 9/23/2014
6PM to ??

W&R Studios
123 Main Street, Suite 201
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
It’s about a 10 minute walk from the Hyatt. Or take a hotel shuttle to Main Street.

Booze, food, swag, vinyl records and a professional ukelele player? What more could you ask for?

If you’re interested please click here to register.

And don’t worry, you have my permission to GO BIG on the first night!

Sep 16 14

Tough week for CMOs

by Greg Robertson

Inman News reports that Barbara O’Connor, MOVE, Inc.’s Chief Marketing Officer, is leaving for “family reasons”.

I also heard news that Beverly Thorne, Century 21’s Chief Marketing Officer, is no longer with Century 21.

Sep 11 14

I love my job.

by Greg Robertson

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.48.50 AM

Just couldn’t help myself.

Sep 10 14

Apple Pay and subscription based services

by Greg Robertson

apple0132I’ve written about decreasing the “friction” of customers signing up for your products and services. My company still does a lot of transactions at live events (demos and trade shows). I found its much better to close deals at the event and not rely on them signing up when they get home.

To do this we still have to rely on paper order forms.

This is due to mostly crowd control issues. If a single presenter is doing a Cloud Streams demonstration to 40 people in a room there is no easy way for those attendees to sign up for the service asynchronously other than a paper order form.

I see more and more REALTORS coming to events with their digital devices, but filling out an online form by taping on a screen (whether an tablet or iPhone) is still a cumbersome process.

Yesterday Apple announced a brand new service called Apple Pay. They are also releasing an API for developers. With this service you can order online product with the Touch ID button on your iPhone. No forms to fill out, and a receipt is emailed you automatically.

Imagine the scenario at a presentation where after your demo you direct an attendee to a website address and have them click a choice of Monthly or Yearly Plan and then use Touch ID to sign up. That’s it. Boom.

I get goosebumps thinking about it.

Sep 5 14

Booth duty

by Greg Robertson

photo-6I’m here at Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS MLS Technology Forum today and wanted to do a quick post on a few thoughts I had about trade shows.

1. VP MPH. Nothing will help your product pitch better than working a busy booth. You quickly learn what features/benefits are a hit or miss with the agents. This is invaluable especially when launching a new product like our Cloud Streams. Reactions I get here will also overflow to our website landing pages and marketing materials.

2. More vendors, more better. The MLS/Associations/Organizations that put together a good trade show gather together relevant vendors. Stephanie Hill has done a great job here of bringing together some top industry vendors and the agents can tell.

3. Agents are buying.

4. Agents will take anything that is not nailed down to your table. It’s like some sort of twisted Halloween. “Excuse me Ma’am, but those are my car keys you putting in your bag.” Sheeesh!

5. I still get a rush every time I make a sale. There is something about the face to face, overcoming objections, banter, back and forth, asking for the order and getting it, that I will always love.

Sep 4 14

ListHub buys Point2’s syndication service

by Greg Robertson

Word on the street is that ListHub (MOVE) has acquired Point2. If so, Holy shit! What you gotta wonder is, if this is a Hail Mary Pass to “Save Listhub”, or is MOVE, Inc. trying to cinch up the all the syndicated MLS data feeds for some other batshit crazy idea.

Plus if Point2 was up for sale, why do you think Zillow didn’t buy it?

Related: Saul Klein and John Reilly and left Yardi as of September 1st. Yardi was the previous owner of Point2. In a Facebook post Saul wrote:

“John Reilly and I want to let you know that we are no longer involved with Point2 and will be leaving Yardi. We completed our last responsibilities on September 1.”

UPDATE: Looks like the rumor was true: Move, Inc. Acquires Point2’s U.S. Listing Syndication Service

But it looks like only the syndication piece was sold, so Point2 still lives.

“Point2 will continue to provide its signature real estate solutions including Point2 Agent, Point2 Homes, agent and MLS public websites, IDX tools, mobile applications, and additional tools to help real estate professionals be more productive and competitive.”

Sep 3 14

Vendor Gadget – Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

by Greg Robertson

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.13.19 AM

Logitech K480
A wireless desk keyboard for your computer, tablet and smartphone

Perfect complement to one of my new favorite iPad apps,the Hanx Writer

Who said skeuomorphism was dead?

Aug 29 14

RIP Eric Graning

by Greg Robertson

Graning-500x626 This one is tough. Not sure if I was going to write about it but needed to say something. Many of you know Kristi Graning while she worked at RE/MAX International. I first got to know her while working at eNeighborhoods when we worked with her closely re-launching as a “network of broker idx sites”. It became the standard for how modern broker and franchise portals work today. Kristi was our leader in that effort. We spent many long days, nights and weekends getting that project done. Flying back and forth from Florida to Colorado. It was one of the most rewarding times in my professional life. Around that time Kristi was pregnant, the joke was she was giving birth to two babies, the new and her new baby boy.

Kristi’s husband, Eric, recently died in a tragic motorcycle accident. So heartbreaking for Kristi and their two young boys, Tey and Dax.

You can read about Eric here. A celebration of Eric life is being held today.

I can’t be there today Kristi but please know I, and many others, are thinking of you and your loss today.

Aug 28 14

Jason Calacanis has a great idea for real estate

by Greg Robertson

And he’ll fund it….

I like this idea a lot. Kind of like a “secret shopper program”. But instead of having individuals do the work why not just power buyers/homeshoppers that are already looking to do so?

Aug 28 14

Redfin + Matterport = Awesome

by Greg Robertson

Yes please, now.

TOTH: @drewmeyers