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Nov 4 14

CRS Data signs 3 year agreement with Springfield Board of REALTORS®

by Greg Robertson

CRS Data Provides Public Records Data to Greater Springfield Board of REALTORS®

““We are very pleased to be able to work closely with CRS Data to insure our MLS system is integrated seamlessly with their property data suite,” said Jessica Hickok, association executive for the Greater Springfield Board of REALTORS®. “We chose CRS Data for their team’s customer service reputation and commitment to providing timely, thorough tax data our members can use to create presentations and produce a range of data for their clients.”

Nice win!

Nov 4 14

FBS wants real estate developers to spark it up at NAR.

by Greg Robertson

Calling all Real Estate Technology Developers – It’s Time to Light it Up at NAR!

“The Spark Platform is the only way that (approved) real estate technology Developers can plug into 100+ MLSs via a RESO standards-driven listings API with one Terms of Use agreement , no up-front fees and gain product exposure with 100,000+ Agents via an App Store within the Agent’s MLS System.”

Not the post I was expecting to read from reading the title. I thought NAR’s Annual Conference had moved to Colorado.

Nov 4 14

Recommendation to MLS Policy – November 2014

by Greg Robertson

Good breakdown from Matt…

Recommendation to MLS Policy – November 2014

“While attending RESO meetings last week in Las Vegas, I heard that the RETS standard data dictionary would soon be ratified by RESO, and that the new Web API would be ratified by the middle of 2015. This is great news! While the data dictionary will continue to be improved, even adopting what we have in the data dictionary now will be a big deal, making it far easier for publishers, brokers, and other aggregators of MLS content to build applications and combine content from multiple MLSs. But, without adoption of these standards at the local level, this great promise will go unfulfilled. So, it is with great pleasure that I share the following information:”

Nov 4 14

Making choices

by Greg Robertson

Like a lot of other vendors I do online meetings and webinars. Just on casual observation many of you are using GoToMeeting. We use it at W&R Studios. While it’s not the best designed software out there it does, for the most part, get the job done.

But one of the most glaring shortcomings is that it doesn’t work with iCal. Meaning when I schedule a meeting I would love it to create an invitation in iCal to send to meeting participants. Nope. I typically have to create an invite manually and copy/paste the meeting details. Since I first subscribed to the service, some time ago, I’ve asked about this feature and they’ve promised “it’s coming”.

Recently GoToMeeting announced a new feature…

“Android Smartwatch App.

GoToMeeting and your Android phone and smartwatch are getting along fabulously these days. If you have all three, you can join, participate and leave a meeting from your watch without ever touching your phone.

Take a jog while you’re taking a meeting. Listen in on a session while rocking your baby to sleep — no squirming into your pockets and fumbling with your phone needed. Plus, you’re going to feel like a super-cool spy.”

What? The? Fuck?

Seriously? Letting someone know WHEN a meeting is scheduled is SUPER Important. “Listen in on a session while rocking your baby to sleep”? NOTSOMUCH.

The choices many companies make to spend their development resources astounds me. Whether its Google Glass for Trulia or this turd.

Nancy Reagan had it right, “Just say no”.

Nov 4 14

ShowingTime inks deal with CarolinaMLS

by Greg Robertson

Carolina Multiple Listing Services, Inc. signs agreement with ShowingTime

““ShowingTime Appointment Center has developed innovative technology solutions that support Realtors® as well as the goals of CarolinaMLS,” said Steve Byrd, vice president and CTO of CarolinaMLS. “Their 24/7 service, best-in-class mobile app, two-way text messaging and analytic reports will not only afford our agents a great experience but will help agents provide even better service to buyers and sellers.”

Its been a good year for ShowingTime. Congrats.

Oct 30 14

Coming soon to MRIS, “coming soon” listings.

by Greg Robertson

Coming Soon Listing Status is Coming Soon

“3. When you select the Coming Soon status for your listing, you’ll need to enter an Expected On-Market Date. This date can be no later than twenty-one days from when the listing is submitted to the MLS under the Coming Soon status. If the house is ready earlier than anticipated, you can change the status for your listing in Keystone.”

Coming soon listings are so yesterday, I’m waiting for “thinking about it” listings. ; )

Oct 23 14

Real Estate On Your Wrist

by Greg Robertson

Real Estate on your wrist: Homesnap for Android wear

“How does Homesnap for Android Wear work? We leverage the location data from your Android phone using battery-sensitive techniques to keep you in sync with nearby real estate listings. Whenever you see a Homesnap card in your context stream, you can swipe through nearby listings to review photos and prices.”

Good luck with that.

Oct 23 14

Redfin Buys Walk Score.

by Greg Robertson

Looks like Kelman couldn’t let 2014 go by without doing some acquiring of his own.

Redfin Buys Walk Score

“The acquisition is Redfin’s first and the reason for it is simple: We want to give folks a complete portrait of what it would be like to live somewhere new, within the house and in the surrounding neighborhood.”

I’ve been a bug fan of Walk Score for a long time. It was one of the first APIs we integrated in to Cloud CMA. Over the years when giving demos I would ask the audience if they have heard about Walk Score, at first I would explain it. But now they have done such a great job or working with MLS that I usually just get a lot of heads nodding.

Huge congrats to Matt Lerner and the rest of the Walk Score team.

Oct 21 14

SentriLock wins in Las Vegas

by Greg Robertson

“4 years, 3 Leadership teams, 2 AEs and 1 beautiful signed contract!”

Nice win for Kim and Sentrilock. Congrats!

Full Press Release Below:

Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® Partners With SentriLock, LLC
Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) has partnered with SentriLock, LLC, the official lockbox solution of the National Association of REALTORS®, to provide its members with SentriLock’s REALTOR® Lockbox System.

GLVAR is the local representative of the National Association of REALTORS® and the largest professional organization in Southern Nevada. GLVAR is one of the top 10 largest REALTOR® Associations in the United States. GLVAR serves more than 11,500 real estate professionals in the Greater Las Vegas area, providing local members with the highest level of education, training and political representation.
Heidi Kasama, 2014 GLVAR President, said, “After researching this issue, we chose SentriLock for this important service because we determined they were the most qualified and offered the best, most cost-efficient solution for our more than 11,500 GLVAR members.”

SentriLock CEO and founder Scott Fisher has led the company through 11 years of consistent growth to serve more than 280 REALTOR® Associations and MLS customers throughout North America.
“We’re extremely excited about partnering with a proven leader like Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS®, which is an outstanding organization with a great staff,” Fisher said. “I believe GLVAR recognizes that our 100% REALTOR®-focused company will be an excellent fit for their members. As with all of our customers, SentriLock is committed to providing GLVAR members with the best product and service available.”

Contact Information Greg Sheldon SentriLock, LLC. (513) 618-5821

Oct 21 14

Pro Tip: Scotch Tear-by-hand tape

by Greg Robertson

So here’s the situation, you are packing up the booth and putting everything back in their boxes. If your marketing team was smart enough they included packing tape so you could tape all the boxes up.

But then you need scissors to cut the tape. Not anymore! Enter Scotch Tear-by-hand tape! Totally works too.


You’re welcome.