Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Scott Kucirek about to star in new Kafka film.

Looks like Scott Kucirek has taken the position to lead the statewide MLS initiative in California.

It’s pretty much Alphabet Soup in California now. You’ve got QUATTRO, CARETS and by the way most of California already has a statewide MLS data sharing solution, California MLSAlliance (I wonder if Joel ever shared that with you?)

Is CALMLS a system anyone wants? Or anyone needs? Or the greatest thing ever? Or is it just a myth?

Scott has a solid background, he was one of the founders of ZipRealty.com, and more recently an a executive for a major Prudential brokerage company.

It will be interesting to see who Scott picks as a Vendor for this project.

Grab your popcorn and juju beans, this one is going to be fun to watch!

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