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Thursday May 20 Google I/O Updates from Mark Scheel of Digital Construction

(Notes below are in reverse-chronological order, the newest is near the top)

Afternoon update – Learned about Sketchup, Google Analytics API’s, Chrome extensions … had lunch with a the guy who wrote some famous Android applications and was bought out by (and now works for) Google, he was very well informed about all things Android (including things he could not discuss with me).  By the way, I was totally wrong about the gPad.  It didn’t get announced.

More when I breakdown my predictions in a future post-mortem.  That’s all for now folks, thanks for following along.

Keynote update 5 –

GoogleTV is very cool if you aren’t using a bluetooth keyboard in a room with more than 5000 blue tooth devices.   Showing Netflix integration now.

Keynote update 4 –

This just went from awesome to instant SNL material.  They are falling apart showing Google TV (TV meets Web, Web meets TV).

Keynote update 3 –

Just got $100 free mobile ads and a Sprint EVO – its like Christmas here!

Keynote update 2 –

Update – Follow along here:


Keynote update 1 –

At the Keynote, looking forward to a post of all my correct predictions.  Today a lot more playful jabs against Apple.   This is being simulcast on YouTube.

Amazing integration announcements showing your browser playing with attached Android devices.  Download apps and push to phone.  View a web page on your computer and push to phone.   Play songs off your pc on your phone.  Freaking A W E S O M E.

More to come.

  1. Hi Jake,

    Thanks for the question. I made a special trip to the Android “office hours” to get your question answered. There are probably 20 Android engineers here helping more than 40 people (while I was waiting I hung out with the Garmin Phone team) …

    The push service requires a Google Account and uses a Google server as an intermediary step. So it’s PC to Cloud to Device. The cloud server (service) is not available to the public yet. It will be available “soon”.

    Today the FroYo (2.2) SDK was made available so you can get the OS that has this feature for your phone as a developer now, but you still won’t have the cloud component.

    I suspect you would also need the developer channel build of Chrome, to have the browser side.

    There was a session earlier today that I missed specifically about the service. It was just announced today (because its subject matter was secret before today) which is why I missed it. The Session Wave has tons of information, you can find that at the link below.


    If you are not on Wave don’t worry about an invitation, its open to everyone now (as of yesterday).

    Thanks for the specific question–hope this was helpful.

    – Mark

  2. Thanks for looking into that for me, Mark. I’m itching to get Froyo on my N1, but going to have to wait until I have more time to root it or the OTA update comes through.

    Office Hours sounds dangerous… I could have spent days in there annoying them with questions. =)

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