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by Greg Robertson on April 12th, 2011

“According to Experian Hitwise, a leading online metrics firm, is the #1 traffic source following the major search engines, driving traffic to RE/,, and Additionally, is the second-largest traffic source to, ahead of Bing and Yahoo! Search.”

I’m not 100% on how Hitwise gathers it’s data but this does sound Impressive.

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  1. Hitwise gathers their data from a group of 100,000 consumers combined with ISP data. They measure traffic on the top 500,000 websites – the more traffic a site has, the more accurate the data.

    I did some fact checking, and here is what I found.
    Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Trulia, Homes
    Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Homes,, msn

    Google, Homes, zillow, yahoo, bing

    Greg – WAV Group subscribes to Hitwise as a foundation of our WIN Reports. If you ever want to see this type of data, just give me a call.

  2. @Victor So I’m not clear. Are you saying claims are not valid?

  3. I am saying that Hitwise is very accurate. I believe that it is the best web measuring tool available. Everything they stated was 100% accurate.

    Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook are search engines.

    If you remove search engines from above, you see that the statement of “ is the #1 referring site” is 100% accurate. is a very strong competitor in the portal category. They have big traffic, data quality, competitive UI.

    Don’t forget. is more than just a consumer property search portal. It is the top of the funnel for consumers entering their network extensive broker and agent websites and online office tools. They are one, of only a small handful of companies, that can scale from agent to international franchise.

    Its great to see them working closely with MLSs to nail data quality, too. They are offering a MLS Data Quality Badge from the MLS providing the data. I have always believed that brokers data should always be accurate whenever and where ever listing information appears. They are moving the industry forward with their sound data ideology.

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