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CoreLogic acquires Tarasoft.

I hinted about this in my last post. But the deal seems to be done quicker than I thought.

In an email to customers CoreLogic’s CEO, Ben Graboske states…

“I have some exciting news to share with you.

CoreLogic MarketLinx has acquired Tarasoft, makers of the Matrix® MLS platform. By combining these two market leaders under the CoreLogic brand, we are creating a robust suite of technology solutions that will benefit our MLS partners, MLS members, and MLS members’ clients.

Seain Conover and Brian de Schepper founded Tarasoft in the early 1990s with the simple goal of building great software. More than 15 years later, Tarasoft has achieved some impressive results. The company provides service to some of the largest metropolitan areas in North America. Their approach emphasizes the smart use of technology, resulting in excellent speed, flexibility, and mobile usability.”

Congrats to Seain and Brian!!!

More later but this are sure getting interesting!

Thanks for the heads up @infosam!

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