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Nudge ’em!

We just finished a project I’m excited to talk about. 1000watt Consulting had started working an app for real estate agents last year. During that process they had some creative differences with their developer and decided to part ways. That’s when they approached us (W&R Studios) and asked if we would like to partner up on finishing the app. We’ve always respected Brian, Marc and Joel and jumped at the opportunity to work together. Well, last week we formally launched the app dubbed, Nudge, so we threw a party. : )

What’s Nudge?

An image and some words. It doesn’t get any simpler. What is Facebook but a way to share your photos with some text? Same with Instagram, an image and a caption. Simple. That’s the idea around Nudge. It’s a simple way for agents to grab their clients attention with a short targeted message about the market. Even better Nudges can be delivered via email, Facebook, Twitter, a blog, whatever.

Lani Rosales over at AGBeat did a great job of highlighting the use cases for Nudge.

The response has been great. One idea came up during some feedback session that Nudge would be a great way for an MLS or large brokerage to communicate to their members important stats about the market. The Nudge could include a link to a more comprehensive report (something like 10K Research provides). Cool idea. It’s hard to get agents to read anything and an image with some short text might just do the trick.

If any MLS exec (or large broker) would like a free demo account just send me an email by clicking on the link below:

Free Nudge Demo Account.

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