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LPS powers consolidation of 13 Indiana MLS providers.

LPS Technology Selected to Power Consolidation of 13 Multiple Listing Services Into A Single Indiana Regional MLS
LPS Paragon Will Serve New 5,000-member MLS

“For the first time, more than 5,000 real estate professionals across Indiana – who formerly used 13 independent MLS systems – will now have unrestricted access to more than 750,000 real estate listings through LPS Paragon’s advanced capabilities. Newly formed Indiana Regional MLS (IRMLS) will collect from and distribute listing data to the 13 Realtor associations in Indiana, allowing members to search across multiple markets and pay only one MLS fee to access the IRMLS data.”

These deals are complicated (technology and politics) so a nice win for LPS.

And there’s this…

“Kendall said the participating associations worked collaboratively with industry consultant Kevin McQueen of Focus Forward Consulting Inc. and LPS to meet the challenge of a consolidation of this magnitude and achieve successful results. “In addition to combining the listing data information, the resulting cost efficiencies are going to provide members additional benefits, including public records information, appointment services and a consumer-facing website,” she said.”

Mark one on the score board as well for Kevin McQueen of Focus Forward Consulting.

  1. Easy to see the answer is. Ignore the biggest MLS because of the smaller MLS chip on your shoulder mentality and build something without them. Now, and for years to come, it will be a statewide data share minus your largest Metro area. And I’m sure all of this could have been avoided had they been invited to participate (and I mean a real invite) and allowed input. We have seen this playout in Michigan and it has caused needless waste and resentment. Perhaps it’s because a Sithlord designed and facilitated this group?

  2. And please don’t confuse. I have nothing vested with this project and I’m certainly not saber rattling, although that is clever. I’m simply pointing out the obvious based on almost every market in the country this process has played out. More Sith than Jedi here….fear leads to hate, hates leads to suffering and suffering leads to the darkside.

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