Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Latest REAL Trends Newsletter is chock-full of MLS commentary.

I was surprised to see a lot of MLS related content in the August issue of the REAL Trends Newsletter this month. In the commentary titled, “The Value of MLSs”, the editor actually comes up with a number of based on some nifty analysis of what the total value of MLS providers in the country is worth. And it’s a pretty damn big number.

27 billion. With a “b”. Let’s all demand raises.

Also in the issue is another commentary about “The Chatter About the Potential of a Broker-Owned National Portal.” I liked this tidbit:

“First, do the leading national and regional firms really want to have yet another portal brand name competing with their existing brands?”

Great question.

Here a link the the issue. It’s one of those virtual magazine formats, which I hate. Sorry about that, if anyone knows where you can find the content on a simple webpage please let me know in the comments.

Real Trend August 2013 Newsletter

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