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“No deadline was set”

In case you missed this from the Realty Alliance Facebook Page.

October 14th: If you are expecting to hear word of a huge initiative today, you listened to the (incorrect) message of the online speculators, not the actual message we delivered to CMLS conference participants.”

October 8th: “Blogs take guesses and get it way wrong. And that’s okay. Floating ideas and potential scenarios can be a constructive exercise.
Let us be clear: No deadline was set. TRA is not acting alone. Solutions being considered have been vetted and are not self-destructive to brokers. TRA stands fully behind, with no amendment or apology, the presentation made at CMLS at the request of CMLS.
Brokers will continue to try to work with MLSs (even after October 14). But, the industry now has options that are feasible today that were not realistic a short time ago. If local and national policy/practices don’t change in support of the industry they are to serve, brokers will have no choice but to exercise those options. That’s not a threat, it’s a business reality. Decisions this fall will be about launching “phase one.” There still is time to work together to solve these issues and shift MLSs to being resources for brokerages instead of being competitors to brokerages.
Specific concerns have been published, so MLSs have what they need to address these locally with their stakeholders. Not all the items on the list are problems in every market, but most every MLS is creating conflict with one or more of those practices/policies/attitudes. And, some of these issues create real potential for intervention by federal authorities if not fixed.
The general gist of these issues lists and the broker message have not changed in several years — these are not new news.
It is a shame there wasn’t more listening and more attention to broker concerns before last Friday and that there hasn’t been more meaningful two-way communication before this week. And, why have MLSs waited until the industry had started down a road that could offer alternatives before getting serious about bridging the gap?
All that aside, we remain hopeful for constructive conversations and self-evaluation in the coming days and weeks.”

  1. I am having trouble understanding why a professional organization is using Facebook as their main communication platform and still wondering why some people are not taking them seriously.

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