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Zillow Pro for brokers reaches 200 partners and why this matters.

There is such a paradox out there in the narrative about Zillow (Trulia, Realtor.com, etc.) and brokers. Do they love Zillow or do they hate them? Maybe I’m being too general, maybe the question should be split between big brokers and smaller brokers. But where do you draw that line?

But Dan Troup seems to love them, and it sounds like for good reason.

Zillow Pro for Brokers Program Surpasses 200 Partners

“Dan Troup, director of technology for RE/MAX of Michigan, said: “We are participating in Zillow Pro for Brokers because it is the right thing to do for our associates and their clients. The program allows our Brokers to maintain complete control of their listing data, while ensuring their clients’ listings receive the best exposure on Zillow’s mobile apps and website. We have been very impressed with the capabilities and results from partnering with Zillow.”

When you add Zillow’s milestone to the recent hubbub about The Realty Alliance and MLS providers to me the narrative is starting to get clearer. I think the real issue is that over the years brokers have lost control over their agents. The ironic thing is these same “agent centric” models were created by the brokers(RE/MAX, KW, etc.)

Some brokers are embracing this change, while others (driven by fear) are not. Perhaps instead of threatening and pointing fingers at others many brokers should take a good look in the mirror. As the saying goes, “Haters going to hate, players gonna play.”

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