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eShowings – the drama continues….

This story just keeps getting more bizarre. Charles Smith, former CEO of eShowings, is about to head to jail. Charles had the brilliant idea of not paying payroll taxes and pocketing the money. Now his wife is taking over the company.

Andrea Brambila of Inman News:

“Lanouette Smith is the wife of eShowings founder and former CEO Charles Smith. Lanouette Smith was on the payroll before the company shut down, but did not have an official title or duties at the company, according to several former employees.”

Wait, what?

It also seems like former employees (or current?) that were ripped off by the company have taken matters in the their own hands.

Andrea Brambila of Inman News:

“Lanouette Smith said eShowings had been the target of a “purposeful and planned destruction” that included the robbery and theft of payroll checks in one office, communication of misinformation to employees in both call centers, unauthorized and inaccurate communication to clients, and “sabotage” to call center equipment and computer systems in Newark.”

Sabotage indeed. Seems like the real sabotage began with Mr. Smith didn’t pay his payroll taxes.

Meanwhile, this leaves their largest client, the Wilmington Regional Association of REALTORS, in a lurch. Who for some insane reason are still using eShowings.

The answer,to all the problems clients of eShowings are having, can be solved very quickly. Find a new vendor. There are a few out there. Here’s a start:

Michael Lane
mlane [at] showingtime dot com

You’re welcome.

  1. I personally know that the former CEO and the currency CEO have always ‘followed the money’ regardless of any consequences to others…but I also know that ‘ the boomerang always comes back’…

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