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by Greg Robertson on March 10th, 2014

“If you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long.  Just figure out what’s next.”  – Steve Jobs

errolThe whole industry is abuzz on Errol leaving MOVE and joining Zillow.  I think most of us were shocked.  Some have criticized the way he left, some are downright angry).  I haven’t spoken to Errol but the quote above from Steve Jobs seems appropriate here.  It was just time for Errol to figure out… what’s next.  And let’s not forget what Errol has accomplished already.

Errol was key in bringing MLS systems on to the web.  That’s when he met Curt and his then business partner Kevin at True North Technologies; the first company to actually have an web-based MLS system.  While Errol was working at GTE they acquired True North, and the rest is history.

After joining MOVE he successfully led the Top Producer team to revamp their line of agent CRM and productivity products and consolidate MOVE’s other agent solutions.

He was promoted to president of and since have held various positions at MOVE.  He successfully got the operating agreement with NAR changed a number of times, led the effort to make some key acquisitions like ListHub, Social Bios and Doorsteps.

I’m sure there’s more, that’s just what I think of right off the top of my head.  And its a lot.

Errol is an extremely competitive person.  He wants to win.  I can only imagine his daily frustrations dealing with an industry so unwilling to change, until it was too late.

I’m rooting for Errol.  He’s been a good solider.  He’s done everything he can to make change happen “from the inside”.  Maybe he can serve as a bridge to the industry to better understand and work with Zillow.  If not, then he shouldn’t worry about it.  Which brings me to another quote (unfortunately I can’t cite the author  Francis Skamser of 10K Research has done the leg work and has confirmed this was said by Dylan McKay of the original Beverly Hill 90210 ) I also love.

 “May the bridges I burn, light the way.” – Dylan McKay of Beverly Hills 90120

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  1. David Charron permalink

    Good advice Greg. There surely is another side to this story and one I suspect will not surface easily or quickly if at all. It isn’t Errol’s style.

  2. “May the bridges I burn light the way.” Someone in my office was quick to note that Dylan McKay of Beverly Hills 90210 may be responsible for this quote. As a company, 10K approves of this source material.

  3. I too am rooting for Errol, as he’s been nothing but a gentleman and a scholar in all the times I’ve interacted with him. What I’ve heard in the last few days just simply doesn’t sound like the man — but then, I’m not like drinking buddies with the guy either, so there’s that.

    But I do think he’s left some bitter folks behind him at and at NAR. I too am curious about his side of the story, and perhaps one day, he’ll tell us all.

    My concern, really, is that it’s hard to build bridges to the industry when one has burned the one behind him to the ground. Maybe people won’t hold that against him, but I kinda think they will. Which would be too bad, but c’est la vie.

  4. Jeeter permalink

    Errol’s LinkedIn description of his new position, is interesting. Perhaps due to his work status in the U.S., so it may be a temporary description.

  5. Greg, maybe you can help me out, you seem to be closer to this than others?

    #1 – Why does the #1 RE Portal hire someone from the #3 (and a distant #3), who BTW was #1, but was overtaken by you? I don’t get it!

    #2 – With Rob Hahn’s article on “how” he left, being that one day he was there and the next he was gone, no goodbyes-no thank yous to co-workers-no handshakes, doesn’t it make you wonder?

    Appreciate any insight, Thanks


  6. @Jeeter Read the Inman article. He has to start as a consultant while they work out the work visa issues.

    @Eric #1 I think his position at MOVE was unique. With the operating agreement you were basically fighting with one arm tied behind your back. Plus you are giving your competition a big right hook to the jaw. But you do have a fair point.

    #2 What do you think would happen if Errol walked in to Steve’s office and announced he was leaving for Zillow? Do you think Steve would let him hang around, chat with other employees, talk about old times, put some files in to a box? No way.

    What would happen is a bunch of pleading, then shouting, then fighting, in short, drama. Any high level position (and I’ve seen this happen in sales all the time), its best you just leave as quickly as you can. You can reach out later.

  7. Jack Best permalink

    If you don’t recognize this quote I won’t blame you. It comes to us courtesy of Dylan McKay and the television classic Beverly Hills 90210 (the original). The Script writer is unknown – the show had dozens.

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