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T3 Summit

by Greg Robertson on March 24th, 2014

T3SummitLogoI’ve been invited to participate on a panel at Stefan Swanepoel’s upcoming T3 Summit. The conference in being held April 9th – 11th in Las Vegas. Stefan is marketing the event to “Thinkers, CEOs, MLS Execs and large Broker/Owners”. I attended last year’s event, his first, and was impressed with the content. I wasn’t impressed with the location (about a 45 minute cab ride to the strip) and the emcee. But this year the hotel is much much closer to the strip and they sacked last year’s emcee.

What I was really impressed with last year was Stefan’s one-on-one interviews. One that stood out was his interview with Ron Peltier. Slides of this early childhood being projected on the screen gave a “This Is Your Life” kind of vibe. Stefan had some good questions and you really got an idea of what drives Mr. Peltier. This year Stefan will interview Dale Stinton, CEO of NAR, and Richard Smith, Chairman of REALOGY. Good stuff.

There is also a session called “The Black Swans of Real Estate” were an “annual reveal of the worst things that could happen to the real estate brokerage industry if all bets were off.” Hmmm, the “worst things that could happen”? Who would be a great choice to give that presentation? If you guessed Rob Hahn, you are correct. With all the craziness going on even Rob is going to have to come up with some doozies to impress.

Stefan doesn’t like corporate sponsors so cash bar, but if you say hello I might buy you a beer. : )

If you are interested you can find out more details here: T3 Summit Program Highlights


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  2. Good morning John.

  3. John Holley permalink

    I might be convinced this time !!! I heard really good things about his last T-3 Conference. And of course VEGAS BABY!!!!

  4. Kathy Condon permalink

    See you there!

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