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Opera singer? I had no idea.

by Greg Robertson on May 7th, 2014

doorsteps_1Great write up on Michele Serro. Michele company DOORSTEPS was acquired by MOVE, Inc last year.

The article reveals, among other things, that she was an opera singer once.

Her team recently launched the Swipe app I featured here a few weeks ago.

How a Home Buying Site Went From Beta to Bought in 18 Months

How does your design background play a role in Doorsteps?
Design is a value, and everything we put into the world is well-designed. Well-designed is not necessarily about how [something] looks; it’s how it behaves [and] how it feels. Design can be extended to taking complex information and making it simple and understandable.

That extends to how the code is written and how we think about error messages on the site. An error message that is unfriendly is not going to help with making you feel confident about us or the process. We want to make sure those error messages feel good, and the pages where you are giving really personal information, that they give you a message back that you completed [the form]. That’s very tactical.

We’ve tried to infuse that into everything we do, from the code and the technology to the actual visual design and community management. It’s about getting back to people in a really timely way, responding to them like a human being, not like a robot, and using human language that people understand.”

I’m super curious to see what the team at DOORSTEPS comes up with next or how their influence will shape MOVE’s products going forward.

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