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by Greg Robertson on May 27th, 2014

One of my goals this year was to “sharpen my saw”, by branching out to other conference/events to learn more from outside our industry. Mostly as it relates to improving my business and products. I attended a Email Marketing Summit hosted by MarketingSherpa, which was great. And last week I attended WistiaFest.

Many of you know that I bit of a photo/video geek. I always like to take pictures at events and lately incorporating more videos in to our marketing of Cloud CMA. Here’s one of our latest.

A great resource I found is this company called Wistia.

Haven’t heard of Wistia yet? It’s a great tool that lets you host video and also give you some analytics on watching behavior of those videos.

Wistia also has this great Learning Center where they post tons of videos, on making great videos (so meta!). They launched WistiaFest based on feedback from their customers. The one held last week was their inaugural event.

photo 2The event was held in Cambridge, MA. There was a reception held the fist night at there company headquarters, which was this refurbished building that was tres startup cool.

Ping Pong, Pinball, open kitchen great vibe. The first day was at Le Meriden which featured speakers from Wistia along with experts from SEO to storytelling. Capped off with another party at their offices.

photoThe next day workshops were held back at the Wistia offices. I had time to attend about 3 of these, but there were about 3 more I wish I could have attended as well.

They capped off the event with food trucks, BBQ, more great beer and wine, and a dunk tank.

I learned a helluva a lot, and had a great time. What I didn’t expect is how inspired I was by the company itself. I had a brief conversation with Wistia co-founder Chris Savage on what a great event and incredible team they have put together.

Having sat in on Wistia’s other co-founder and CTO Brendan Schwartz you can tell they both lead by example with passion and smarts.

Can’t wait till next year!

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  1. This is cool stuff
    I’ve been a Wistia fan for a while (and used it some).

    They have something really awesome here.
    I wish I’d known about this event Greg.

    Thanks for the overview. I think I’ll make it up there next year

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