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Pro Tip: Scotch Tear-by-hand tape

by Greg Robertson on October 21st, 2014

So here’s the situation, you are packing up the booth and putting everything back in their boxes. If your marketing team was smart enough they included packing tape so you could tape all the boxes up.

But then you need scissors to cut the tape. Not anymore! Enter Scotch Tear-by-hand tape! Totally works too.


You’re welcome.


  1. I always pack that tape for our sales reps. #goodcaringmarketingpeople always take good care of their show people 😉

  2. Michael Hayes permalink

    Great product idea.
    Just incase you don’t have this new fangled packing tape, vendor give-away pens will cut tape by poking the tape at the spot you want cut.

  3. You are such a brute Michael!

  4. Sean Murphy permalink

    I never buy anything less for my shipping and packing needs.

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