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Too clever?

by Greg Robertson on January 8th, 2015

Is my new personalize license plate too clever?

new lp

First one to decipher it (must post to comments section of this post) wins a brand new 2015 Vendor Alley T- Shirt!

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  1. Troy permalink


  2. @Troy Shit that was fast!! The t-shirt is yours. Details coming soon.

  3. Troy permalink

    It would have been more difficult if I was just driving down the street and saw it on a car. Would have thought it meant ‘CA-MAZE’ as in “California Amazing”. Spent a couple of seconds trying to work “Cloud’ into it but finally just stopped at “CMAs”.

    Always happy to rep your brand!

  4. Chris C. permalink

    time for that license plate frame to go however. Its like printing your CMAs on cheap paper. upgrade the frame (unless of course you received a financial benefit for advertising for commonwealth audi)


  5. CMA’s is the plate translation. 🙂

  6. @Chris C. I know, I know. I’m still waiting on my new frame. No drop top, black optics edition.

  7. One person in my office said if she saw it on the road would guess California Corn.

  8. Why was “kamikaze” the first thing I thought of?

    Bring an XL to Connect and I’ll buy it!

  9. Jack B permalink

    Cloud CMA’s – Look at the background 🙂

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