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An attorney, a pair of consultants, and an MLS exec walk in to a bar….

by Greg Robertson on May 4th, 2015

Interesting, if not a little bizarre, read from The Notorious R.O.B. on the much rumored RPR pivot (I think) ….

Project Trim Tab: From Dream to Reality

“The dream of fundamentally improving the MLS technology platform has been one that the industry has talked about for years. We have seen a surge in credit-taking amongst the “thought leaders” within the industry in recent weeks, as RPR has started to shed light on their Advanced Multi-List Platform, aka AMP™. But the concept of a flexible MLS, powered by modern API’s (Application Programming Interface), which allows for flexibility and innovation has been around since at least the mid 2000’s when technology companies like Google, Facebook, and Salesforce debuted the concept of API’s and “mashups”.

As is said, success has many fathers. But in this case, many of those were absentee dads at best. The real story of what is possibly the biggest advance in the MLS industry since the advent of the Internet itself cannot be told without mentioning the central role of SIRMLS.

As I was the author and architect of this overall effort, I know better than most just how valuable SIRMLS and its leadership have been, and remain.”

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