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Property Panorama releases new broker solution.

by Greg Robertson on October 27th, 2015

Here are some numbers to chew on.

5.3 Million Tours published
753,000 agents
74 MLS providers
21 Million photos
The number one publisher of “non gaming” videos on You Tube.

Can you guess the company? I couldn’t. It’s Property Panorama.

When Mike Barnett took over as CEO of Property Panorama the company was facing some serious issues. Close to shutting down. Now 5 years later with the help of a super smart team, the company is releasing their new “Instaview Enterprise Broker Solution”. And with numbers like those it seems Mike and his team have been busy.

The product Is basically a marketing automation tool that ties in to MLS data. Once an agent lists a property a virtual tour is automatically created and published.

I spoke to Mike today and he said this is truly the only “set it and forget solution, the agent has to do nothing”. Brokers are saying the same thing:

Top Brokerages Launch Property Panorama’s Instaview Enterprise Broker SolutionNew Service Integrates MLS Data and Boosts SEO

“Northwood, the fastest-growing real estate firm in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio with 1604 active agents, has 2795 current listings spanning two MLSs.
“With the full program, our agents don’t have to do anything to receive these products for their sellers. Everything synchronizes automatically. They only need to add their listing to the mls and in about an hour the full program is up and running, and branded to both Northwood and the listing agent. Even updates or changes to the listing are automatic and quick,” said Tom Hosack, CEO/President/Broker at Northwood Realty Services.”

Although services like Matterport are the new hotness, they require $4,500 for the camera alone, plus hosting and other equipment costs InstaView is $1.99 and requires nothing to set up. No wonder brokers like it. : )

Congrats to Mike and his team on their latest release.

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