Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Transcript says Crocker had “no information” to believe Samuelson used MOVE confidential data.

Last week Andrea at Inman News wrote an article titled, “NAR dodges 3 Zillow claims in Crocker letter countersuit, but defamation sticks“. I still think both parties should just drop each other lawsuits against each other but these two answers jumped out at me in the transcript.

Keep in mind this is Zillow’s attorney interviewing Chris Crocker:

“Q. Do you recall telling me that you had no information that would lead you to believe that Mr. Samuelson had ever used Move’s confidential while at Zillow?

A. That is accurate.”


“Q. As you sit here today, are you aware of any information that indicate that Mr. Samuelson used or disclosed confidential Move information?

A. I am not.”

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