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MLS execs and vendors make Swanepoel Power 200 list of “the most powerful people in residential real estate”.

by Greg Robertson on January 15th, 2016

The Power List of 2016 SP200

“What makes the SP200 unique is that we have integrated in one list (Power 200) all the different types of leaders in the real estate industry, even though they succeed and/or serve in different sectors of our industry. Some have entrepreneurial power or financial strength, some hold high office and have positional power, while others have political clout and some have personal power. We also provide 8 additional lists showcasing the top 20 leaders in each of their respective fields.”

It was great to see so many MLS execs and vendors make the list. I apologize if I missed anyone.

Bob Hale
Dale Ross
David Charron
Chris Bennett
Rich Lull
Errol Samuelson
Paul Levine
Art Carter
Teresa King Kinney
Marty Frame
Jim Harrison
Victor Lund & Marilyn
Merri Jo Cowen
Gregg Larson
Brian Boero & Marc Davison
Rebecca Jensen
Kathy Condon
Michael Wurzer
Denee Evans
Morgan Carey
Mitchell Skinner #200 (yay Mitch!)

Also a personal thank you to Stefan for including me on the list again this year. I’m up 3 notches this year (#196), which means I should be at number one in 65 years. : )

I also thought it was pretty classy to include an “In Memoriam” section which mentioned Andy Rapattoni.

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