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Upstream CEO is Alex Lange

by Greg Robertson on May 3rd, 2016

Sheesh, nobody can keep a secret…

Who’s the new Upstream CEO? Inside information on one of the hottest gigs in the industry

“The mystery is over. Thanks to a reliable tipster, I learned that Alex Lange was tapped as CEO of Upstream, a platform for data entry, data storage and data distribution.”

Look like Alex is reading from the Ozonian playbook. First thing he should do is fire the guy writing their condescending Facebook posts.

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  1. Oh, Maybe I can apply for the Facebook replacement… LOL Alex is amazing, he did great work at Roost, Market Leader, and Second Century, as well as many other places in between and in the interim. Kudos to Alex and Upstream. Great decision.

  2. Oops, Second City, my apologies to NAR.

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