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Eater UI

by Greg Robertson on June 2nd, 2016

I was poking around Eater today, looking at some restaurants in Portland for a trip I’m making next week. I really love the way they executed the UI in regard to location and restaurant.

As you scroll down on the restaurants (on the left) the map moves with you and the icon highlights. And of course if you jump click on any map icon the restaurant information jumps ahead. I’ve seen parts of this executed on other sites, but not this well.

Inspiration is everywhere.

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  1. That’s exactly how web search used to be, and our former mobile web search. Then trend moved away from split screen to full and I saw it go away.

    I loved that simplepostcard site you shared. It’s actually inspiration for our upcoming launch of our text lead service (in regards to eliminating as much as possible and single call to action).

  2. @Mike was implemented a bit differently. I see other sites like using the same type of “split screen”. To me the magic is the interaction between the map and list.

  3. Robbin Crossley permalink

    Thanks Greg…heading to N’awlins tomorrow and just pulled up this site. Always looking for new places to eat in the Crescent City

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