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The CMLS conference is next week???

by Greg Robertson on September 14th, 2016


I don’t know about you guys but its hard to believe CMLS conference is next week. The agenda is looking good, but I find myself wondering about other stuff like….

What lobby bar is everyone going to hang at?
Should I crash the legal seminar dressed as Elvis?
Do I hit on a soft 16, when the dealer has a 9 showing?
How many people will actually make the sessions?
Is “Sunshine” her real name?
What’s the number of a good bail bondsman?
Who’s holding?
How many days does the MLS industry actually have left? I think its less than 10.


I’m actually on the agenda this year, 8:45am Friday morning.

Start the day with a laugh when Greg Robertson, publisher of, gives a “Weekend Update” style segment of industry news, rumors, gossip and lobby bar talk.
Speaker: Greg Robertson – Co-Founder, W+R Studios
Location: Celebrity Ballroom (1-4)

So if you are still alive by then, please join me, should be fun.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

  1. How does an experienced pro such as yourself get roped into doing an 8:45 AM session, on a Friday no less???

  2. David Charron permalink

    Greg will just be getting in so….problem

  3. Robert Drummer permalink

    If you find a table where the dealer is showing a 15 before players have to hit, let me know…we’ll be rich!

  4. Good point @Robert, I fixed it.

  5. Robert Drummer permalink

    In that case, surrender….and get the hell out of the casino.

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