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The MLS™ touts strong customer satisfaction numbers

by Greg Robertson on December 6th, 2016

The MLS™ 2016 Customer Survey Reveals Increased Overall SatisfactionShare Article

“Overall satisfaction with The MLS™ has grown in the past year, with 89% of members reporting satisfaction, compared to a satisfaction rating of 83% in 2015.
The survey results also reveal that 97% of members feel The MLS™ meets their needs, compared to 94% in 2015. Among other key findings, 95% of members would recommend The MLS™ to a colleague or friend.

Further, the 2016 results imply that member feel that The MLS™ provides them with increased value for their money when compared to 2015 results. In 2016, 92% of members reported feeling extremely or somewhat satisfied with the value of The MLS™ for their money, as compared to 66.65% in 2015. The MLS™ offers numerous complimentary tools to members including Property Websites/Virtual Tours, Cloud CMA, 10K Infosparks, RatePlug and more, along with support through various channels such as a Help Desk, a compliance team, hands-on classes, Webinars and more.”

The real estate in The MLS™/CLAW’s territory is some of the most expensive in the world and its no easy task keeping those brokers satisfied. Kudos to Annie and her team for these impressive results.

CLAW’s has been working on upgrading their existing MLS software to something totally new. This and other “home grown” MLS systems, including IRES and RMLS Portland were featured in a recent article by Matt Cohen called, “MLS: Homegrown and Happy“. In this post Matt listed out the main reasons these MLS providers have chosen to go this route.

-Vendors can be difficult to work with. Most of them have gone through periods where they are less than optimally responsive to enhancement requests and even to bug-fix requests.
-Vendors are acquired by a company that doesn’t provide the same level of service.
-Vendors go out of business (though all the current major vendors are quite stable!)
-Vendors ‘retire’ well-liked systems
-Licensing a shared code-base can mean waiting months or years for enhancement requests – or the vendor may just say, “No.”

“Well-liked”. High praise indeed. : )

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