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Cue The Crickets

by Greg Robertson on December 19th, 2016

Something struck me this past weekend. Amid the kudos and well deserved praise coming from the MLS community and others on the formation of Bright MLS, there was one group of people we didn’t hear from publicly. The Big Brokers.

Maybe because the MRIS/Trend merger doesn’t speak to their narrative that MLS providers are too big to fail, they move too slow, the only way to “fix” this mess is to “take back our data”. All of which are untrue.

And it’s not just Bright MLS, but there’s been a lot of MLS providers actively trying to consolidate, REColorado just made a bid for IRES. Sandicor and CRMLS. And a few bigger ones that haven’t been made public. Does the MLS industry get any sort of acknowledgment? Nope, just crickets.

Who would we hear from? Well how about The Realty Alliance? Or maybe something from UPSTREAM RE for starters. These outlets have always been quick to criticize.

If things are going to change its going to require everyone’s involvement. And the fact the Big Brokers has shown such a lack of class and have failed to show any sort of graciousness makes me think that their motives are not sincere.

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