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Wurzer reminds us what MLS is really all about

by Greg Robertson on January 25th, 2017

MLS Cooperation Creates Value for All Brokers, Not Just One

“Next, I’ll address the point in the title of this post: “MLS Cooperation Creates Value for All Brokers (and Agents and Consumers), Not Just One.” Distinguishing between the value of cooperation (all brokers) and the needs of one broker (competition) is critical to any analysis regarding the future of the MLS. Typically when folks like Drew and Rob analyze the value proposition of the MLS, they do so from the perspective of a single broker or agent, but that ignores the core value of the MLS, which is the cooperation among the individual brokers and agents.

I could quote everything in this post, you really need to go read it.

I recorded a conversation Mike and I had in New York last week for my Listing Bits podcast I can’t wait to share with you guys, hopefully next week.

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  1. David Charron permalink

    Michael has a unique way of cutting through the noise doesn’t he?

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