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CoreLogic acquires Clareity

by Greg Robertson on August 2nd, 2017


““The Real Estate industry is full of visionary tech companies driving all of us forward,” said Chris Bennett, executive leader of Real Estate Solutions for CoreLogic. “Every day, a cutting-edge app or web service is introduced to agents and brokers to help them find and serve customers. The addition of Clareity solutions to the CoreLogic Real Estate Solutions suite helps tech companies deliver those innovative tools to users more transparently. We think our mutual cultures of commitment to moving our industry forward through innovation is a terrific catalyst for the benefit of our customers.”

Gregg Larson, founder and CEO of Clareity, who will be joining the CoreLogic executive team states, “We’re thankful for our employees, customers, and integration partners for their continued trust in Clareity. We’re confident that CoreLogic’s dedication to customer centered innovation will help fuel the growth and enhancement of the Clareity line of solutions.”

A huge congrats to both teams! Gregg, Matt, Troy, Amy, and the rest of the Clareity team have built a solid business that is a perfect fit for CoreLogic.

A few thoughts.

I hope they keep the MLS Executive Workshop going, but its hard to see a path forward under CoreLogic (but one can dream).
I guess the MLS Survey is kaput.
This is also a huge opportunity for some. Seems like T3’s MLS Division got an earlier Christmas present.

  1. Matt Cohen permalink

    The MLS Workshop is going on as planned – February 28-March 2, 2018. We’ve spoken to many regular attendees and sponsors and they provided 100% support and were excited to hear our plans. Clareity will continue to produce fresh educational content and tackle all of the important issues head-on and unfiltered. We’ll be opening up registration later in August, as we do every year.

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