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“NAR’s Goldberg kills AMP…”

by Greg Robertson on February 5th, 2018

NAR’s Goldberg Kills Amp and Powers Up Upstream

We’re starting to see the impact of a new leadership team at the National Association of REALTORS® led by Bob Goldberg, a strategic, yet practical leader that is SERIOUS about making the industry function more effectively. He also seems to be critically evaluating every investment in technology and making some bold moves to re-focus efforts.

NAR announced yesterday that is shutting down development on its Advanced Multilist Platform, or AMP. AMP was under development for a few years at a burn rate of $6 Million per year. The concept behind AMP was solid – consolidate MLS data into a single data repository and allow developers of systems like Matrix, FlexMLS, Paragon, Stratus, Rapattoni, Navica and others focus on the front-end software development.”

Victor does a good job in this post summarizing, at a very high level, what’s going on with all the initiatives and his thoughts on AMP. I don’t agree with some of his assumptions (especially the Upstream propaganda toward the end) but its a good overview.

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