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ATTOM Data Solutions acquires Onboard Informatics

by Greg Robertson on February 15th, 2018

Looks like the rumor from yesterday is real.

ATTOM Data Solutions acquires Onboard InformaticsOnboard’s neighborhood data will be integrated into the ATTOM Data Warehouse

“Founded 15 years ago, Onboard Informatics’ data products include area data, point of interest data and community data.

“Not only will our customers now be able to access a broader set of property-related data from one vendor, they’ll also have more flexible options for consuming that data through the various ATTOM data delivery solutions including the ability to consume neighborhood data as bulk files,” said Jonathan Bednarsh, president and co-founder of Onboard Informatics.”

The consolidation trend continues. The number of independent companies in this space continues to fade. But 15 years is a great run, congrats to Jonathan and his team. Hope they got the big bucks!

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  1. Jonathan Bednarsh permalink

    Thanks Greg! We’re excited to join forces with the very strong team at Attom. You know as well as anyone the hard work it takes to be an entrepreneur, especially in the always-evolving tech space. This is a great outcome for us, our clients and business partners. Maybe I’ll get some time to surf HB this summer…

  2. It is official! Now if there was anyway we could get Attom involved in RESO in the industry wide standards efforts like so many other data companies have done so in the past that would be awesome!

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