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Industry Relations: Inman Disconnect and a New Set of Principles for Real Estate (The Parker Principles)

by Greg Robertson on April 4th, 2018

Observe. Orient. Decide. Act.


The OODA loop is a tool for decision-making developed by military strategist John Boyd. At the Inman Disconnect Conference in Palm Springs, organizers focused on the Orient piece of the process, collaborating with attendees to design a set of principles to govern the industry moving forward. The question becomes, how might those principles influence decision-making in real estate? And will such a manifesto inspire industry players to look inward and take the necessary action?


Today, Rob and Greg debrief the Inman Disconnect Conference, applauding Brad Inman’s investment in engaging the industry. They discuss the history behind the Ahwahnee Principles, a new approach to urban planning developed by mavericks in the space in the 1970’s, and how Brad is working to emulate the design of a similar manifesto for real estate. Rob offers insight around the impact of developing a set of principles and how that might translate to action and policy change moving forward, and Greg explains how big gains can be made by people in a community changing small habits over time. Rob and Greg touch on some of the principles addressed at the conference, including low-income housing and big data. Listen in as they share their top takeaways from Inman Disconnect and how the principles can serve as a device to communicate about the way we do business.


What’s Discussed:


The intent behind the Inman Disconnect Conference

Brad Inman’s investment in engaging the industry

The history behind the Ahwahnee Principles

-New approach to urban planning

-Grew into manifesto (1970’s)

Brad’s aim to develop a set of principles for real estate

The real estate establishment vs. industry ‘rebels’

The controversial issues discussed at Inman Disconnect
-Low-income housing

-Free, open data

Rob’s insight around the impact of principles

-Govern actions, have consequences

-Influence policy changes

Greg’s take on the impact of small changes

Greg’s view on big data and privacy

How the principles might translate to action

-‘They’ vs. ‘I’

-Device to start conversation



Inman Disconnect

The Parker Principles – A Real Estate Manifesto

Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happinessby Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein 

Connect with Rob and Greg:

Rob’s Website

Greg’s Website


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  1. Roland Estrada permalink

    I found this to be a rather academic exercise. It would interesting to do a podcast in one year to see if anything ever comes from these principles. I tend to think not.

  2. Guys: the Ahwahnee Principles were written in 1991 – not in the 1970s. The term “New Urbanism” didn’t really emerge until the mid-80s. I believe Brad started writing his first column as a journalist in the early 80s.

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