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MoxiWorks Delivers Alternative to Upstream

Leading real estate technology company, MoxiWorks, announced today that their alternative to Upstream is available to enterprise brokerage customers nationwide. The MoxiCloud open platform provides brokerages with a comprehensive suite of data management services designed to protect and enable the broker to fully control the distribution, licensing and use of the brokerage’s listing, agent, and consumer data.
For years, brokerages waited patiently for Upstream to deliver a solution, but their recent announcement of an unresolved technology provider shift has made the future uncertain. “Brokerages need to take control of the data that powers their business, period. Own your data! It’s high time, and brokerages have waited long enough for this to be delayed any longer,” said York Baur, CEO of MoxiWorks. 

Space abhors a vacuum. It’s not clear in the press release if they have a listing input system as part of the “Moxi Cloud”, so I’m a bit unsure as whether their solution captures any data “upstream”. But the timing is epic as UpstreamRE has yet to announce their new vendor, and Alex Lange’s strange LinkedIn postings. With other listing input modules entering the game like Bridge Interactive, and more “in development” like, Remine, its clear this is going to be a crowded field.

  1. This makes sense. Moxiworks is not perfect but they get it. Craig Cheatthem is a clown. $15m has gone into this with zero to show for it. There is no way a broker could do worse then to go to Moxi. It’s been proven to work and LeadingRE is powering their cloud with MoxiCloud. Windermere, Long & Foster, and Hanna were smart to hedge their bets by investing in Moxi. Imagine a world where Moxiworks just gives away the MoxiCloud. What are you going to do then Upstream? CoreLogic announces earning on 1/23. All signs say they will take on Upstream. Good luck with that!

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