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Noah T Leask appears to have been fired as CEO of APC Data Analytics for his inappropriate behavior

by Greg Robertson on May 12th, 2020
Noah T Leask

APC Data Analytics, LLC Announces New President & CEO

“It is with great pleasure that APC Data Analytics (APC) announces that co-founder, Anton Roeger IV, has taken over as President and CEO.
Roeger has been the Chief Innovation Officer at APC for nearly 3.5 years paving the way with new concepts for product development as the visionary behind the technology. In addition to CIO, Roeger co-founded the company. There is no better fit for this position than the man who started it all.”

The press release isn’t clear at all of the reasons Mr. Roeger has taken over the CEO position, but I’m making a solid guess.

Another odd thing is that Noah T Leask’s LinkedIn profile has completely disappeared. I’m not sure if this is due to my and other reporting of his inappropriate behavior to LinkedIn or part of a larger PR strategy from APC Data Analytics, LLC. [Update: This may be due to the fact I blocked him]

It’s good to know that LinkedIn doesn’t find Noah T Leask’s behavior of sending inappropriate and threatening messages acceptable.

When I first wrote about Noah T Leask sending intimating emails to a female employee at my company, Jamie Lee Derrickson and Anton Roeger IV defended Noah T Leask by saying “He is an incredibly talented and intelligent man, and obviously full of passion!”

No phone call. No formal apology. No admission of anything. Stay classy, APC Data Analytics, Stay Classy.

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  1. Ryan permalink

    His profile is still there, but any affiliation with APC has been removed.

  2. LMAO Greg! I’m just seeing this whole story. What a sad excuse of a businessperson (and man) this guy Noah is. Glad to see that his company founders finally realized what a douche he is, even though the founder who replied to you didn’t seem much better. You know this business better than anyone I’ve ever met, yet you “stole” their IP?!?! What a joke!!!

    Keep your head up bro, and keep defending your people.

    Let me know when you’re ready to get into the hockey business and implement that Panthers biz plan, of course adapted for HockeyTech 😉

    Love ya,


  3. Georgia E Purpura permalink

    The battle was won by Greg! As a female professional I thank you for not letting up. The war however will continue. Until the companies/corporations take a stand against this type of behavior, especially when it is in their own backyard, it will remain a stain on our industry. APC Data Analytics finally took appropriate steps, yet damage was caused by their delay. There is no place for bullies.

    “O’Doyle does NOT Rule!”

  4. Great lesson on how to destroy your company reputation in 5 minutes!!!

  5. “. . .with great pleasure. . .”

    Really? What an odd way to put it,

    The classy (and right) thing for the APC “leaders” to do would be to apologize, profusely. That’s obviously not happening.

    I swear, sometimes it’s like this reputation management book just writes itself.

  6. Robert Overman permalink

    They need to stop trying to circle the wagons and cop to their co-founder’s unacceptable behavior without rationalization or obfuscation and properly apologize to you and your people. Terminating Noah was a good first step but it is far from complete amends.

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