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Noah T Leask of APC Data Analytics is still sending me threatening messages

by Greg Robertson on May 12th, 2020

One week later. No phone call. No apologies for sending my employees threatening messages. No mea culpa for trying to intimidate my female employees. Instead, Noah T. Leask, the creepy CEO of APC Data Analytics decides to send me an emoji of a fist and the message “See you at the next event!”

What is wrong with this guy? Does he want to fight me? Are you still in 5th grade? The industry was very clear on how they felt about your behavior and now you are going to “double-down”?

And to anyone working at APC Data Analytics, none of whom I’ve ever met. You may have a great product or produce crappy software, I have no idea. How is it you condone this behavior? Your silence speaks volumes.

How is it that anyone at this point do any future business with APC Data Analytics?

I’m hoping this was sent in error, I just can’t believe people are this horrible.

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  1. Hi Greg,
    I’m being dead serious. Do we know if he suffers from mental illness or possibly has a brain injury? I’ve recently dealt w/ some folks with brain injuries and this kind of behavior seems to be a common thread.
    Regardless – sorry you are having to deal with it 🙁

  2. Paul Hethmon permalink

    This guy is ridiculous. My LinkedIn connection has been severed.

  3. @Jennifer. Yeah, I hadn’t really thought of that scenario. It might make the most sense. Or maybe a drug problem? That would be pretty sad.
    Still perplexed on why no formal communication from anyone at his company.

  4. For the record, brain injury or addiction wouldn’t be a free pass for this kind of thing. People who are violent in a predatory or non-professional capacity (i.e. they aren’t police, soldiers, or professional violent criminals) frequently telegraph because the thing they get out of it is the psychological satisfaction.

    I would encourage you or anyone else experiencing this kind of behavior to treat it very seriously.

    It’s clear from the response of his board/founders in the last post that they consider him, as the Warren Zevon song goes, “just an excitable boy.”

  5. Loran Hughes permalink

    It appears damage control is happening over at APC.

  6. Roland Estrada permalink

    That type of behavior is inexcusable from anyone, but especially for a CEO.

  7. Brian Tepfer permalink

    I’m sorry this is happening, Greg. We should all strive to be professional and respectful to everyone in our industry, regardless of competition or what company you work for (or as we know, will work for in the future). Especially in our industry which is very network driven.

    For reference, Noah ran for a RESO seat, and given his work history, I am surprised by his conduct.

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