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Inman News’ Craig Rowe reviews Lone Wolf’s new form editor

Lone Wolf enhances deal making with digital forms overhaul: Tech Review

“The longer a deal takes to get done, the greater the risk of something going wrong. The risk increases when deal data accumulates in unrelated channels, such as email inboxes, text messages or phone call notes scribbled on Post-Its.

Lone Wolf’s new forms editor addresses these challenges by collecting every deal-engagement point into a single interface, called the Workspace. Click the Parties menu to see and contact essential deal stakeholders, review and confirm suggested documents in the Forms tab, verify the Listing information, Offer points and use the Clauses menu to add and edit existing clauses or to create new ones.”

Good review. I have written about this new release and how fast I thought it was, but I think this review emphasizes the “why” of the need for speed (apologies to Maverick).

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