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NYU bound

My son got accepted to NYU Film School. Jenn and I are extremely proud of him.

The above photo is a picture from a trip he took with his senior class in high school. He came back from that trip buzzing. He had many schools to choose from but in the end I wasn’t surprised when he chose New York City.

This week he started his adventure.

How will my heart work, when part of it is so far away?

  1. Great job and congratulations to your family! You will be fine with your son being so far away. It won’t be easy but my crystal ball says you will find yourself in NYC frequently.

  2. Adrese Roundtree

    Congrats! Just look at it as an opportunity to visit the Big Apple often! May I suggest the Spring and Fall! 😉 Good Job Greg & Jenn!

  3. Melissa Lindberg

    Congratulations to Cole (and you and Jenn)! The process has been a journey, and it’s so nice to see his dreams come true. I had secretly hoped he’d choose Emerson or BU, but NYU is fabulous. 🙂 All my best!

  4. Raise your right hand put it behind your left shoulder and pat yourself on the back! Boom!

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