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Aug 10 23

Industry Relations Podcast: Breaking Down The SDAR Lawsuit

by Greg Robertson

What are the potential consequences of the SDAR lawsuit? On this episode of Industry Relations, Rob and Greg discuss the troubling allegations surrounding SDAR’s lawsuit. Get the inside scoop on what’s behind the allegations, plus what Rob and Greg believe members of SDAR should do. Don’t miss this urgent discussion about one of the biggest […]

Aug 1 23

Industry Relations podcast is a finalist to win an Inman Innovator Award for top video or podcast

by Greg Robertson

Speaking of Inman Connect, Rob Hahn and I are a finalist for and Inman Innovator Award for top video or podcast. This was a complete surprise and grateful for those who nominated us. I’m not sure when they announce the winners but we have some stiff competition.

Jul 26 23

Industry Relations Podcast: Breaking Down Low Housing Inventory & Interest Rate Lock-In

by Greg Robertson

With the already low housing inventory and a lot of homeowners having low-interest rates, how will that affect the future of the real estate industry? On this episode of Industry Relations, Rob and Greg delve into the issue of the low housing inventory and the impact of potential interest rate lock-in. From the national perspective […]

Jul 21 23

Industry Relations Podcast:  Exploring the Impact of MLS PIN’s Proposed Rule Changes

by Greg Robertson

Are you familiar with the new rule changes proposed by MLS PIN settlement? Join us as we explore the unintended consequences of these changes and how they could affect the real estate industry. Rob and Greg dive into these rule modifications and their potential impact on buyers, sellers, and agents nationwide. Thank you to our […]

Jul 17 23

Industry Relations Podcast: Unraveling the MLS PIN Settlement

by Greg Robertson

Are you curious about the future of the real estate industry and how the MLS PIN settlement could shape it? Join Rob and Greg in this discussion as they dive deep into this groundbreaking development. Get expert insight into the effects of this settlement, and find out what it means for the real estate landscape.  […]

Jul 7 23

Industry Relations Podcast: Howard Hanna’s IDX Exodus

by Greg Robertson

Why did Howard Hanna leave IDX? On this episode of Industry Relations, Rob and Greg discuss the recent news of Howard Hanna’s recent exit from the IDX system. Their thought provoking conversation explores why this game-changing decision was made and how it could affect the industry. Tune in as these two take a look inside […]

Jun 30 23

Industry Relations Podcast: Commission Lawsuit Aftermath- What Brokerages Need To Do

by Greg Robertson

On this episode of Industry Relations, Rob and Greg explore the possible ripple effect that commission lawsuits could have on brokerages. Get ready for a thought-provoking discussion as they paint various scenarios based on different outcomes – it’s sure to have you questioning the future of the brokerage industry. Join us for this stimulating journey […]

Jun 11 23

Industry Relations Podcast: The Ugly Truth Behind Real Estate’s Unicorn Years

by Greg Robertson

Is it possible to predict the trajectory of the real estate market, given the recent “unicorn years”? Not really. Rob and Greg are here to break it all down as they rage against the “unicorn years”. Join them on this episode of Industry Relations as they delve into residential real estate’s past few years, which […]

May 31 23

Industry Relations Podcast: Is Work from Home Killing Commercial Real Estate?

by Greg Robertson

How is working from home destroying commercial real estate? Will remote work completely take over in the future? What will become of office spaces? Rob and Greg analyze the impact of the pandemic on the way we work and how it is destroying commercial real estate. They also delve into why working in person might […]

May 24 23

Industry Relations Podcast: When Members Attack!

by Greg Robertson

How do MLS execs and association staff foster innovation? What would happen if MLS decided to leave NAR? Rob and Greg delve into the complex politics behind the relationship between NAR and MLS. They explore what the consequences would be if MLS decided to part ways with NAR. Rob shares his perspective on why MLS […]