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Dec 6 23

Industry Relations Podcast:The Future of NAR: Can This Industry Titan Be Reformed?

by Greg Robertson

Should NAR be reformed? What is the role of REALTORS in the lawsuit, and the value of membership in NAR? Join Rob and Greg as they answer these questions and the potential rebirth of the REALTOR movement, the importance of authenticity in communication, and the value of REALTORS sharing their authentic stories to connect with […]

Nov 22 23

Industry Relations Podcast: NAR Conference Recap and Zombies

by Greg Robertson

Join Rob and Greg on this episode of Industry Relations, as they recap the NAR NXT annual conference and explore some critical issues. Greg shares what NAR NXT’s atmosphere was like, and find out why Rob is worried about independent press commenting on NAR.  Also, discover the reasoning behind Rob and Greg’s beliefs that the […]

Oct 9 23

Industry Relations Podcast: What Has Really Changed In The MLS Industry?

by Greg Robertson

On this episode of Industry Relations Rob and I discuss what has really changed in the MLS industry. One thing that has always been a constant in the MLS industry is change. With technology rapidly evolving and consumer demands continuously shifting, it’s no surprise that the MLS landscape is constantly adapting. But what does this […]

Sep 28 23

Industry Relations podcast: The RE/MAX Settlement And What Happens Next

by Greg Robertson

Catch the latest update on the RE/MAX Settlement and its impacts on the real estate industry. Join Rob and Greg as they dissect this essential development and discuss what the future of the industry holds. Gain an in-depth knowledge of this critical lawsuit and stay informed on its far-reaching effects. Watch us on You Tube! […]

Sep 21 23

Industry Relations Podcast: Blueprint Conference 2023 Recap

by Greg Robertson

On this episode of Industry Relations, Rob and Greg give a recap of the Blueprint conference in Las Vegas. What did they think? Hear why Rob wanted a bit more from the proptech sector and get an insider look at Greg’s first time attending the conference. Watch us on YouTube! Connect with Rob and Greg:  […]

Sep 20 23

NORCAL MLS Alliance rallies and MetroList hires Industry Relations rep

by Greg Robertson

NORCAL MLS Alliance Collaborates to Mitigate Impact of Recent Cyber Attack on Major MLS Software Provider “In a collaborative display of support, the NORCAL MLS Alliance (, comprising seven prominent MLSs in Northern California, rallied together to support one another in the wake of a recent cyber-attack that disrupted services provided by a leading MLS […]

Sep 14 23

Industry Relations Podcast: Navigating the Realogy Settlement

by Greg Robertson

Are you up-to-date on the Realogy Settlement? Rob and Greg discuss the settlement between Realogy and the Department of Justice, and explore potential second order consequences. Rob and Greg explore how this settlement can potentially affect major players in the real estate industry. Watch us on YouTube! Connect with Rob and Greg:  Rob’s Website Greg’s […]

Sep 6 23

Industry Relations Podcast: Understanding Personal & Institutional Responsibility In The NAR Sexual Harassment Cases

by Greg Robertson

Are you familiar with the recent stories of sexual harassment at NAR in The New York Times? On this episode of Industry Relations, Rob and Greg discuss how personal and institutional responsibility plays a role in these situations. Tune in to hear how they break down the differences between personal accountability and what role the […]

Aug 23 23

Industry Relations Podcast: Industry Relations Reaction: Rich Men North Of Richmond

by Greg Robertson

Are you looking for an insightful reaction to the viral video “Rich Men North Of Richmond” and how it relates to the real estate industry? Tune into this episode of Industry Relations with Rob and Greg! They’ll provide their unique take on the video and explain how it applies to real estate. Follow this link […]

Aug 21 23

Industry Relations podcast: Inman Connect Recap and Lawsuit Settlement Scenarios

by Greg Robertson

On this episode of Industry Relations, Rob and Greg discuss the key takeaways from Inman Connect 2023 in Las Vegas and the potential outcomes for ongoing industry lawsuits. Listen in for an insightful recap of the latest trends and news from the event, as well as settlement scenarios that could shape the future of real […]