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CMLS 2008 “After Hours” Part II

Let’s continue with CMLS “After Hours” Part II with a stop at one of Minneapolis’ favorite restaurants…

Murray’s steakhouse has been in Minneapolis since 1946. Home of the “Silver Butterknife Steak” the service and food were fantastic. A lot of people headed over to Manny’s but I think we made the right choice at Murray’s (thanks SMH!), which had a great “old school” vibe. I mean the neon sign outside says “COCKTAIL LOUNGE”, you gotta love that . We need more cocktail lounges in this country!

Our apologies to the couple sitting in the booth next to us, I guess they had heard their limit of f-bombs and had to leave.

What happen after Murray’s cannot be shared is such a public forum. I’ll just say this….off the hook!!!

Let’s jump forward to “The Kissing Room”. It seems a bar called “The Local” had a “kissing room” where some of the attendees of the Council of MLS 2008 conference found refuge.

I’m told there was both “Vendor on Client” action and “Vendor on Vendor” action. After I heard a few of these stories I stopped by to take a look. The room was in the back of the bar and properly labeled with a couple red lamps adorning the inside. What stories those lamps could tell!!

And who could forget the lawn bowling at Brit’s Pub! The weather was perfect and I can’t think of a more original place to throw a party. I never made it down to “the pitch”, at that point of the day I wasn’t too confident with my hand motor skills.

Also one of my favorite places was a tequila bar (go figure!) called “Barrio“. There is nothing like having any tequila you want served any way you want by young female college students that must traverse up a long ladder to the top of the bar to fetch it! Ay Caramba!

I’ve got one more story to tell, I’ll leave that till next time
and I might even talk about what happen during the conference (oh really?!)

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