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VA Sponsorships

Starting in 2023 only month-long sponsorships are available for Vendor Alley. This is the only way to promote your product or service specifically to Vendor Alley’s audience of Real Estate insiders, geeks, vendors, MLS peeps, Association staff, Brokers, and Franchisor heavies.  If you want your message to reach the top decision-makers, influencers, and connoisseurs of fine satire in Organized Real Estate (ORE) you’ll get it at Vendor Alley.

Monthly Sponsorships

Jan   2023 – SOLD!
Feb.  2023 – SOLD!
Mar   2023 – SOLD!
Apr   2023 – SOLD!
May  2023  – SOLD!
Jun   2023 – SOLD!
Jul    2023 – SOLD!
Aug  2023 – SOLD!
Sept 2023 – SOLD!
Oct  2023 – SOLD!
Nov  2023 – SOLD!
Dec  2023 – SOLD!

PRICE: $5,000 per month.  To reserve your space or find out more please email me at:

What your sponsorship gets:
▪A display ad (with link) in the sidebar on every page (size is 230 x 230) of the site, all month long.
▪At the end of each week in the sponsorship month I’ll post a thank you along with a link to your site.
▪Estimated monthly web page views: 10,000
▪Email addresses receiving post notifications: 750
▪Twitter followers on the @gregrobertson account: Close to 5,000.
▪Sponsorship is exclusive. Only one sponsor per month.
The blog is pretty niche.  While some of the stats above may not impress you, I can assure you that the audience is quality over quantity.
To reserve your space or find out more please email me at:
Below is a list of some of the more significant ORE events.  Many companies wish to promote their new products/service close to these events.  Please don’t delay reserving your spot, remember it’s a month-long exclusive.
Jan  (Inman Connect NYC)
Feb  (MLS Executives Workshop, Scottsdale,AZ)
Apr  (Inman Disconnect, Spring RESO)
May  (NAR Midyear, T3 Summit)
Jun  (Gathering of Eagles)
Aug  (Inman Connect, LV)
Sept (RESO Fall Conference)
Oct  (CMLS Conference, New Orleans, LA)
Nov  (NAR Annual)
To reserve your space or find out more please email me at:

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