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MoxiWorks layoffs

MoxiWorks laying off employees 1 month after replacing CEO

“Real estate marketing and technology company MoxiWorks is laying employees off, just a month after hiring AI startup executive Eric Elfman to replace founder York Baur as CEO.”

Matt Carter, Inman News

Tough market. Brutal for some vendors. The article names a few people affected by the layoffs, good people, check ’em out.

What does the “Z” in MAZL, LLC stand for?

Update on the Pending Sale of REcolorado to MAZL, LLC

“Firstly, as noted in our public FAQ, MAZL, LLC, is a private company formed specifically to acquire the MLS service. Joseph E. Burks is the sole and only purchaser of REcolorado. He created MAZL, LLC specifically to execute the Letter of Intent (LOI) and complete the business transaction. There are no other investors.”

Denver Metro Association of REALTORS(r)

Okay, I’m just having a little fun with the title of this post. I don’t think Zillow has anything to do with the sale of REcolorado MLS. But I do want to point something out, and it may be obvious already to some but I don’t know why more people are not talking about it.

One person, in this case Joseph Burks, is about to own the 16th largest MLS organization (by agent count) in the country. I don’t think anyone really understands what the second order consequences of this decision could be. 🍿

Polyglot listings arrive in Staten Island MLS

Staten Island Multiple Listing Service Partners With DirectOffer, Inc. to Give Subscribers a New Way to Enhance Their Property Listings

“At SIMLS, our subscribers serve a diverse set of clients, and we are committed to providing innovative tools that empower them to make homeownership a possibility for more people,” said Sandy Krueger, President and CEO of Staten Island Multiple Listing Service. “We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with DirectOffer. DO AudioTour’s multi-language and closed captioning capabilities ensure that our subscribers’ property listings are reaching the broadest audience, while supporting our ADA and DEI initiatives.”

Sandy Krueger, President and CEO of Staten Island Multiple Listing Service

Chéri(e), arrête la voiture !

Industry Relations Podcast: Real Estate Forms: Consumer-Friendly or Industry-Driven?

Are real estate forms truly consumer-friendly or are they just industry-driven? In this episode, Doug Miller and Wendy Gilch, Directors of CAARE (Consumer Advocates in American Real Estate), expose what they believe are the flaws in the current buyer agency agreements. From undisclosed dual agency to lack of cancellation clauses, these forms often prioritize the interests of industry competitors over consumers. 

Rob, Greg, Doug and Wendy explore potential solutions such as creating consumer-friendly templates and implementing amendments. They dive into the complexities of fiduciary responsibility and touch on hot-button topics like compensation and collusion. 

Plus, they address the importance of clear disclosure in real estate transactions, education for consumers, and informed consent. Don’t miss this crucial conversation also covering NAR settlement, state forms vs eXp’s form, unauthorized practice of law, referral fees, and negotiation tactics.

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Learn more about CAARE at caare.org.

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Lone Wolf Foundation

Lone Wolf Technologies officially introduces Lone Wolf Foundation and the new generation of real estate software.

The future of real estate has arrived: Lone Wolf launches Lone Wolf Foundation, new generation of software

“This is the end result of that extensive research; a platform that goes beyond integrations, beyond connections, beyond a rebrand to create a real solution. From a single login to a modular design that allows real estate professionals to pick and choose the solutions they need, with shared data workflows that keep information consistent from lead to close and the latest in digital security, there’s nothing like this in the industry today—and it will transform the way real estate professionals work, now and into the future.”

Sean Wheeler, CTO of Lone Wolf Technologies

This has been a huge project and I’m loving what Lone Wolf has pulled off. Having acquired some of the most popular and widely adopted software in the real estate space, they have taken a fresh approach on how to create an end-to-end platform. Am I biased? Of course! It’s all because I know the team there is made up some of the most creative and talented people in the industry, people from HomeSpotter, Instanet, zipForm, Terradatum and W+R Studios.

I hear some of you say, “But, Greg, I thought you didn’t like all-in-one solutions?” I think that Lone Wolf’s CEO Jimmy Kelly said it best, “Real Estate Doesn’t Need More Software“. In a nutshell what he is saying real estate has a lot of point solutions; it needs what it already has to pull more weight. The industry wants its existing software to work together, and be more automated. What Lone Wolf is doing is creating a foundation (see what I did there) for their software (and also giving the flexibility to add other solutions) to let brokers and agents create the experience they want. Experience I believe is the key word here.

Congrats to everyone at Lone Wolf!

NYU bound

My son got accepted to NYU Film School. Jenn and I are extremely proud of him.

The above photo is a picture from a trip he took with his senior class in high school. He came back from that trip buzzing. He had many schools to choose from but in the end I wasn’t surprised when he chose New York City.

This week he started his adventure.

How will my heart work, when part of it is so far away?

Webinar Tomorrow: Transaction vs Deal Management?

I’ve always been a big fan of simple, focused software. In today’s parlance that would mean, “point solutions”. Software that does one (or two) things, and does them great. Now many of the larger companies are switching to “end to end” platforms, which also have a place. So when Vijay, CEO of co-founder of Trackxi, asked me to join him on this webinar I quickly agreed. I think it will be a great opportunity to discuss these topics and about some the changes in the industry is going through and how vendors are creating new categories to compete.

Registration Link => Why top agents are ditching transaction management software?

Giant Steps [Sponsor]

My thanks to Giant Steps for sponsoring last month of Vendor Alley. Giant Steps is a consulting company I started earlier this year. With me in this new endeavor is Staci Wood, Dan Woolley and Ohan Antebian. It’s a great team, with a lot of experience and I enjoying working with them.

Below is a list of services we provide. Please reach out if we can help => info@giantstepsadvisors.com

Go-to-Market Strategy

The team at Giant Steps has launched hundreds of products and services in the real estate technology industry. We’ll create a tailored go-to-market strategy specifically for your needs. Whether you plan on going direct to agent (D2A), enterprise contracts with MLS, franchisors, brokers or a hybrid approach, let the team at Giant Steps give you its full attention and give your product or service the best chance of success.

  • Discovery call with Giant Steps team members
  • Follow-up meetings with key team members
  • Full presentation of plan to executive team
  • Delivery of GTM Strategic Plan Document

Strategic Plan Facilitator

Planning your next strategic planning session? We can help! With the industry moving so rapidly, you need all the help you can get to ensure your board members are up to date on the latest industry trends and important topics. The team at Giant Steps can help you plan your next meeting, create engaging and relevant content, and provide a knowledgeable facilitator to help you communicate your plan in an engaging way to foster maximum audience participation.

  • Discovery call with Giant Steps team members
  • Help create agenda, assist on content, and meeting planning
  • Includes an “Industry Update” presentation from facilitator
  • On-site facilitator

Product Design and Technical Advisory

Are you struggling to bring your real estate tech vision to life? Our seasoned experts at Giant Steps can help you navigate the complex landscape of product design and technical implementation. With decades of experience in proptech, we offer invaluable insights to refine your product concept, optimize user experience, and ensure technical feasibility.

  • In-depth product concept review and refinement
  • User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) consultation
  • Technical architecture assessment and recommendations
  • Integration strategies with existing real estate systems (MLS)
  • Scalability and performance optimization guidance

Whether you’re a startup with a groundbreaking idea or an established company looking to innovate, our team can provide the critical feedback and direction you need. We’ll help you avoid common pitfalls, leverage industry best practices, and position your product for success in the competitive real estate technology market.

Asset Valuation

Are you interested in getting a professional opinion on the value of your company? This could be useful, as many organizations are restructuring their ownership due to recent market changes. We can forecast the market value of your assets so you can solicit outside funding, evaluate your share of contribution to a partnership/merger, or plan a spinoff. We will create a defensible model based on research and experience. We have experience working with some of the largest MLS organizations in this space.


Do you need a dynamic presenter at your next board meeting, trade show, or conference? Would you like a presenter who can both entertain and educate your board/leadership on the current events of the industry? Greg Robertson will deliver a customized, compelling presentation that educates, entertains, and, most importantly, inspires your audience.

Office Hours with Dan and Greg

Are you a founder looking for some guidance, feedback, or maybe a little therapy to help you get your product launched or take your company to the next level? Where do I start? How much equity should I give up? Should I be selling to agents or brokers? Dan and Greg have had 3 successful exits and have made all the mistakes. While not licensed therapists, they do bring their first-hand experience in bootstrapping 3 companies in the proptech space. Let them give you their undivided attention.

Please reach out if we can help => info@giantstepsadvisors.com

Industry Relations named as finalist for Most Innovative Industry Podcast by Inman News

2024 Inman Innovator Awards finalists unveiled ahead of ICLV

“Inman Innovators include entrepreneurs pushing the old ways aside, data scientists discovering new ways to examine behavior, marketers reimagining how to showcase properties, teams reinventing how to communicate with clients, companies building advanced technologies, and brokerages and teams creating groundbreaking business models.”

Inman News

We were nominated last year but lost. Hopefully this will be the year. Thanks to everyone who nominated us!

Move sues CoStar over trade secrets

CoStar hit with trade secrets lawsuit over dueling real-estate websites

“According to the complaint, Kaminsky headed Realtor.com’s “News and Insights” platform until he was laid off in January. The lawsuit said that Kaminsky took a similar role at Homes.com in March.

Move said it discovered last month that Kaminsky had stolen documents related to business strategy, industry contacts and “a vast array of other competitively sensitive and valuable information” for CoStar.”

Blake Brittain, Reuters

Shades of 2014 when Move sued Zillow over the departure of Errol Samuelson and Curt Beardsley. That was pretty messy and Zillow finally settled (without admitting any wrong doing) for $130 Million. Someone once told me that you are never really successful until you start getting sued. So I guess it’s official that Homes.com is getting traction.

Funny that it’s usually CoStar doing the suing. It will be interesting what tidbits come up in discovery if things get that far.

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