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This is an example of what it means when your product “delights” your customers. h/t: Pomp

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Organized Real Estate Associate Consultant – T3 Sixty

“The Organized Real Estate Associate Consultant will assist the SVP of the business unit in servicing company clients (MLSs and Associations) and will help drive efficiency and profitability. This includes but is not limited to assisting in coordination and logistics of all Organized Real Estate consulting projects and sales activities.”

T3 Sixty

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Industry Relations Podcast: Walking the Line – Words Matter

What is the difference between the threat of steering in an illegitimate way and being transparent and informing your client? In this episode, Rob and Greg discuss the difference between steering and fiduciary duty in real estate and other various topics including Greg’s recent trip to Boston, Redfin’s settlement with NAR, the enforcement of buyer showing agreements, and the potential actions of the DOJ. They also touch on the proposal for making housing affordable and the MLS execs walking out of a meeting. Highlighting the challenges and implications of these issues for the real estate industry. 

The need for clear communication and the careful choice of words to avoid crossing ethical boundaries. Rob and Greg suggest that training, scripts, and forms could help agents navigate this fine line.

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What a crazy week

I think this NAR Midyear will go down in the record books as one of the most memorable. For good reasons and bad. First off I want to thank everyone for showing up at the Omni Sunday night. It was a great to see everyone in one place, even though the sole bartender probably needed therapy afterwards (I tried calling to warn them but nobody picked up). And a HUGE thank you to RoomVu for picking up the tab for the first round. RoomVu CEO, Sam Mehrbod, flight got cancelled so he couldn’t make it that evening but I sure he would appreciate if you dropped him a line on LInkedIn. And it was great to have Jeff Young there to give such an heart felt toast to Kristen. Thank you Jeff.

There is so much else to cover but I’m exhausted.

Godspeed everyone.

“I’m leaving this meeting!”

Heard an interesting story this week while out and about in DC. Apparently Anthony Lamacchia, a broker who just bought NAR President Kevin Sears’ brokerage, was a panelist on stage at the MLS policy meeting. I’m told during the panel Mr. Lammachia started discussing practices that seemed to encourage steering to the audience.

This caused quite a kerfuffle and NAR attorney, Charlie Lee, took to the stage. Apparently some in the audience left the meeting exclaiming “I’m leaving this meeting”. Which is what MLS execs were instructed to do when anti-trust behavior is taking place.

Now, I wasn’t there but I did verify from a one other person about shouting going on and people leaving the meeting.

The Notorious ROB has written a post title, “The Law of Holes” about similar concerns regarding Lamacchia in a previous “debate” Lamacchia did with Michael Ketchmark, attorney regarding the now infamous #SitzerBurneet ruling.

Anyone know what the outcome of this?

Zillow’s “touring agreement” may be illegal

Virginia Realtors: Zillow’s touring agreement may not be legal

“While many in the industry have been intrigued by Zillow’s new pilot program, Virginia Realtors is taking a tougher stand.

In a notice published on Friday, Virginia Realtors wrote that “upon analysis of this ‘touring agreement’ form, Virginia REALTORS does not believe it is in compliance with the requirements of Virginia law.”

The trade organization also advised members to discuss business practices and any agreements and forms they are going to use with their broker to ensure that they are in compliance with state law.”

Brooklee Han, HousingWire


Paragon Connect [Sponsor]

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Continuing today is their list of the top 10 topics to review when making the decision on an MLS platform for your members:

How to choose the right MLS platform for you  

The top 10 “must-haves” when considering a front end for your members 

Last time you learned how powerful search options and an easy-to-use mobile app, can help you find the right MLS for your members, now let’s get to the top reason why choosing the right front-end is so important.

  1. Freedom of movement 

Real estate agents are constantly on the go. From paperwork at the office, to showing a home, to staging open houses and broker tours, agents never stand still. So, ask yourself: Can you take your MLS with you and have the same experience no matter where you’re working from? Do you have the same workflows on your desktop as you do on your phone? Or are you using different systems for each location, wasting time training on and learning several pieces of software that weren’t designed to work together. Look for a system that delivers the same seamless experience from one device to the next. 

If you’re looking for an MLS that offers this and so much more, discover Paragon Connect.

Omni Lobby Bar – After Party – Update “First round is on us!”

I think with the news of Kristen’s passing is going to make this Sunday night at the Omni even more special.

So be there Sunday night (5/5/23) at the Omni Hotel’s Marquee Lounge. Anywhere from 9 PM to Midnight (last call). And we can raise a glass to Kristen in a place I know she would have loved to be, surrounded by her friends.

BIG UPDATE: The guys at RoomVu has generous offered to pick the tab for the “first round” so the sooner you get there the better opportunity it is to get a free drink! RoomVu is a pioneer in Video Marketing for agents. Sam Mehrbod, the co-founder of RoomVu, will be there so we will all get to thank him personally. Many thanks Sam!

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One of the most genuine people I’ve ever known. Beautiful inside and out. An amazing mother. Rest in peace. 🥺

Looking for a new gig?

Director of Sales – SentriLock

“The Director of Sales will report to the Chief Revenue Officer, and is responsible for supporting and pushing the organization’s long-term growth and success by managing the production, success, and growth of the sales department and overseeing the development and implementation of the organization’s sales strategy.”


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