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Mar 17 23

REsides first to launch Inspectify

by Greg Robertson


“Inspectify leverages its proprietary software to customize and integrate the data found within a home for individuals, institutional investors, and iBuyers well beyond the scope of a traditional property inspection. For non-institutional buyers, Inspectify’s streamlined approach and concierge-level service save hours typically spent searching for inspectors and coordinating schedules and access. Through the platform, buyers can instantly book inspections and receive repair estimates.”

I’m seeing a lot more of these “marketplaces” type business models lately. I think these will do great if they can get participation.

Mar 16 23

Omni MLS partners with Lone Wolf to bring transaction management solutions to Latin America

by Greg Robertson

Latin America’s Omni MLS partners with Lone Wolf to provide a complete transaction suite as a member benefit

“Omni Multiple Listing Service (“Omni MLS”) is pleased to announce that it will provide Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm Edition) (“Transactions”) and MLS-Connect® from Lone Wolf Technologies (“Lone Wolf”) as benefits to their over 4,000 members. Omni MLS members will now have access to a complete real estate transaction experience that features specific Omni MLS forms to help standardize contracts both within Omni MLS and throughout the region—potentially reaching nearly 1.2 million real estate professionals.”

Love being a small part of these ground breaking deals. Major kudos to Jessica Richardson of Lone Wolf and Ross Buck of Omni MLS for their persistence of getting this to market! ¡Felicidades!

Mar 14 23

Do the “close door” buttons in elevators really work?

by Greg Robertson

2023-03-13 the door close button

“So it seems that the reality of elevator “door close” buttons is rather less dramatic than Radiolab and the NYTimes imply: the “door close” button is perfectly functional, but details of the 1990 ADA mean that most of the time people are pressing it the elevator controller isn’t permitted to close the door due to ADA rules. As far as I can tell, outside of the ADA minimum door time, door close buttons work just fine.

As a frequent traveler, I’ve always wondered about this.

But, I can tell you this, if I’m in the elevator and I see you racing to the elevator while the door is shutting, I may not actually be pressing the “door open” button even if my pantomime says otherwise. : )

Mar 14 23

CubiCasa adds 5 more MLS organizations

by Greg Robertson

CubiCasa Welcomes Five More MLS Organizations to its Growing MLS Partnership Program

“With the mission of putting a floor plan on every U.S. listing as the driving factor behind the creation of CubiCasa’s MLS Partnership Program, the company now has agreements with prominent MLS organizations in Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont and even Latin America.

“We’re thrilled with the number of MLS organizations that have joined our program to provide their agents with the tools needed to succeed in today’s evolving real estate environment,” said Jeff Allen, president of CubiCasa. “As we continue to bolster our program offering, we welcome MLSs that are looking to provide their members with an easy-to-use, free floor plan tool that will help them better serve their customers. Together we can make floor plans the new standard on home listings across the U.S.”

I recently spoke at the Tri-State MLS Summit and the subject of MLS data came up in the program’s Q&A portion, and floorplans were a big topic.

There is a real opportunity for an MLS Organization to go all in on floorplans. Think about it. I know many MLS execs trying to come up with solutions to help their membership and community. Who will be the first market that will have floorplans on all listings? It’s going to happen. The only question is “what MLS will do it first”?

Mar 13 23

Troy Rech leaves MoxiWorks. Joins Black Knight as VP of Sales

by Greg Robertson
Troy “Don’t call it a comeback” Rech

I pinged Troy for a comment. Here’s what he said.

“I’m excited for the opportunities ahead with Black Knight. I’ve admired their leadership and can-do culture for many years. And I look forward to continuing on with this role in the MLS Industry; an industry which has meant so much to me for the last two+ decades”.

Black Knight has been teasing a reboot of their MLS system. Things could get interesting. Welcome back Troy!

Mar 12 23

Silicon Valley Bank Real Estate Ripples

by Greg Robertson

If you are looking for a good resource to understand the current situation with SVB and the effect it could have on the entire banking system I would recommend the latest “All In” podcast.

I’ve received a few texts over the weekend. This is not a “too big to fail” situation or a “tech bail out” this is a miss-management situatation. There are many companies in proptech (and some people you know) that are going to be effected. This needs to be solved (either by the federal government or an acqustions facilated by the fed) quickly.

Mar 8 23


by Greg Robertson

My thanks to CoreLogic for sponsoring Vendor Alley this month. If you are an MLS organization be sure and check out MLS-Touch a great tool for your members that need to stay connected to critical listing data, tax data, and client activities while you’re on the go. I’ve admired what Charles and his team at Prospects have bulit for a long time now and happy for the success they are experiencing. My thanks again to CoreLogic.

Mar 8 23

Revive and NextHome partner to deliver move-in ready homes to Millennials

by Greg Robertson

Revive and NextHome Partner to Deliver More Move-In Ready Homes to Agents

“In today’s market, the largest proportion of homebuyers — Millennials, comprising a full 43 percent of the homebuying population — are seeking homes that are ready for them to move in today. The latest research shows that 70 percent of Millennial home buyers will choose a smaller home that’s move-in-ready over a larger home that needs some attention.

Revive, the most complete presale home renovation solution for sellers, and NextHome, the No. 1 real estate franchise in the country in owner satisfaction, are joining forces to deliver more move-in ready homes to more than 5,500 NextHome agents in 610 offices across 48 states.

Revive’s concept is super interesting. Going beyond just “carpet and paint” can yield a huge potential upside on many properties. As someone who goes to open houses for fun I’ve seen many houses where one bad bathroom, or ugly tile in the kitchen makes the whole house a stinker. And, I’m sure many NextHome agents have seen tons more than I have.

Mar 3 23

NorthstarMLS discontinues Homesnap Pro license

by Greg Robertson

From an email to members: NorthstarMLS discontinuing MLS wide license for Homesnap Pro in March

“NorthstarMLS was an early champion and is a current supporter of Broker Public Portal (BPP), an initiative spearheaded by brokers and MLSs to provide a new option for public display of listings. BPP and technology vendor Homesnap entered a joint venture that facilitated BPP’s introduction of Homesnap Pro. At that time, NorthstarMLS added Homesnap Pro as part of its subscriber offerings. 

In 2022, Homesnap and BPP ended their joint venture. Given this change, the NorthstarMLS Board of Directors decided to discontinue offering Homesnap Pro effective March 20, 2023. “

Me thinks there is more to this story than what is being said…

Mar 2 23

A Little Chat About ChatGPT and the Recent CoStar Move

by Greg Robertson

Why is Andy Florance not acquiring Could ChatGPT help us finally determine what the value of an MLS is? Just what is and isn’t copyrightable when it comes to real estate data? This episode of Industry Relations dives into recent Co-Star moves, how AI is infiltrating real estate, and whether Rob and Greg are just making a big deal out of nothing. Toward the end of this episode, Rob and Greg dive into Sam DeBord’s recent article “The Value of MLS: ChatGPT, Commissions and the Other 4Cs,” which you can read here!

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