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Sep 20 21

Looking for a new gig?

by Greg Robertson

Retention and Renewals Director – SentriLock
MLS and Technology Director – South Texas Multiple Listing Service

“SentriLock, LLC, a global provider of access control services, is looking for a Retention and Renewals Director to join our family. A subsidiary of the National Association of Realtors, SentriLock is a nationally-certified “Great Place to Work” and provides competitive pay, excellent benefits, and a supportive work environment committed to developing our team members. Working for SentriLock is more than just a job, it’s an experience!” –SentriLock

“South Texas Multiple Listing Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Corpus Christi Association of REALTORS® is seeking an MLS and Technology Director to work directly with the CEO, and the South Texas MLS Board of Managers to serve in a key leadership role to deliver excellent customer service to 2200 REALTOR® members and subscribers of the service.” – South Texas Multiple Listing Services

The find out about these jobs, or post a job, please visit the Vendor Alley Job Board.


Sep 17 21

What if…

by Greg Robertson


♬ San Tropez – Illect Recordings

Caught this video on TikTok the other day. Worth the watch. And he’s kidding….right?

Pro Tip: For those of you getting these posts via email, you may have to click through to the site to view the video.

Sep 15 21

A little help…

by Greg Robertson
Click here to order!

Normally I’m with Toby outside your favorite grocery store with a 6-foot table and teaching my son the key points of a good sales pitch (FYI: the uniform does most of the work). This year it’s a bit different. So, if you are looking to load up on some snacks and help out a good cause Toby has you covered. Thanks in advance. #scouts

Sep 14 21

CMLS 2021 Preview

by Greg Robertson

I can’t believe it’s almost here. CMLS 2021. Next week. Vegas. It’s hard to imagine.

Yeah, I understand the concerns. There’s a surge going on. You have to wear masks. Blah. Blah. Blah.

First thing, if you are vaccinated, then you’ll be fine. It’s that simple.

Masks. Lame. Yeah, I’ve grown tired of wearing them too. But I’m also used to them, I’m one of those guys when I’m coming back from the grocery store I forget to take it off when I’m driving home. Here’s the other thing. I was recently in Las Vegas and in the areas where you are drinking (think lobby bar) and eating (think dinner) they aren’t as strict. If there wasn’t already enough motivation to hit the lobby bar, there you have it.

Most of all I’m looking forward to catching up with all of you. We’ve all got a lot to discuss, and I’m looking forward to it.

If you want to meet with Katie and me at the event we’ve got a big ‘ole suite and would love to tell you about what Lone Wolf is up to. Just email Katie or I and we will find the time.

See you soon!

Sep 13 21

Cha cha cha changes….

by Greg Robertson

Sources tell me Lucie Fortier is heading to Compass as a new VP of Product. You may remember that Lucie left CoreLogic earlier this summer. This was at the same time as Amy Gorce and Chris Bennett. At which time Amy announced on social media, “The Summer of Amy”. That summer came to an end when Amy and Chris, formally announced a new venture together, PRESTA, a consulting agency focused on organized real estate.

Also, Troy Rech has left Bright MLS and announced he was taking a “sabbatical”. Troy joined Bright MLS as their Chief Growth Officer in 2020, after serving as CoreLogic’s Senior Leader in sales. I don’t think this will be the last we hear from Troy.

I wish both Lucie and Troy good luck.

Although “The Summer of Amy” sounded like lots of fun, whereas “The Fall of Troy” sounds like something I was forced to read in High School. #rimshot

Sep 13 21

NCRMLS now serves over 10,000 members

by Greg Robertson

North Carolina MLS expands, now covers 38% of NC

“With the most geographically expansive and growing reach in the state, NCRMLS represents 9,150 REALTORS® and Appraisers, with a major footprint currently covering 315 cities and towns in 27 counties.  These new partnerships will expand NCRMLS’s reach to 361 Cities and Towns in 31 counties, representing some 10,300 REALTORS® and Appraisers, encompassing over 38 percent of the Tar Heel State.”

Somehow I missed this news earlier in the month. Inman News has a good article on some of the history of the organization and where it’s headed.

“The statement describes NCRMLS as a “wholesale cooperative” multiple listing service (MLS), which means that its data and resources can be used to power other Realtor organizations as well as other MLSs. Prior to this week’s partnership announcement, NCRMLS already had relationships with more than a dozen Realtor associations and MLSs in North Carolina.”

North Carolina Regional MLS expands to dozens of new cities

Consolidation doesn’t have to be organizational, it can be just the tools everyone uses.

Sep 9 21

Bob Goldberg, the Billion Dollar Man?

by Greg Robertson
Bob Goldberg, CEO of the National Association of REALTORS

The Venture Capital game is tough. It’s a gamble, you analyze the field, place your bets, and hope for the best. Typically you don’t win by a lot of companies you’ve invested in doing well, but betting on one company that does REALLY REALLY well. It’s all math.

I was having a discussion with a friend about the amount of capital being poured into real estate and the conversation came to NAR and their Second Century Ventures arm, which NAR’s CEO Bob Goldberg has championed since its launch in 2009, and now sits as its Chairman.

Do the math on this …

When DocuSign went public, NAR stated publicly they sold 28% of Second Century’s stake for $43.8 million.

The IPO price was $38/share, so let’s say NAR conservatively sold their shares for $35, they would have sold 1.25 million shares to gross $43.8 million. The article says they sold 28% of their overall shares, which means they were left owning roughly 3.5 million shares.

DOCU‘s share price has been up and down around $300 this month, assuming they haven’t sold any since the IPO, the value of the remaining shares would be worth close to $1 billion.

Am I missing something? Does NAR really have access to a $1 billion war chest?

Sep 9 21

The MLS™ first to add RentSpree’s “ApplyLink” integration.

by Greg Robertson

RentSpree and The MLS™ Bring New Rental Technology to Los Angeles Agents

“The new integration with VESTAPLUS™, The MLS™’s proprietary software for agents, utilizes RentSpree’s innovative API to generate an “ApplyLink” for rental listings. All agents can view and share the ApplyLink, creating the first ever standard rental process for all agents across Greater Los Angeles and Malibu.”

The MLS™/CLAW is the first MLS in California to implement the integration with the RentSpree API, providing access to RentSpree’s robust rental software to over 18,000 agents.

Pretty cool. Anytime you make your software easier and more useful for real estate agents to use is a big win.

Sep 7 21

Join me today on Clubhouse! One Feed To Rule Them All! Today at 3PM PT

by Greg Robertson

Sep 7 21

Chris Bennett and Amy Gorce start a new consulting company – PRESTA

by Greg Robertson


“Today Chris Bennett and Amy Gorce announced the launch of PRESTA Team, a new company that will leverage their combined 60+ years of industry experience to provide consulting and advisory services in the real estate space. Throughout their careers, Chris and Amy have accumulated valuable insight into many aspects of organized real estate and aim to assist MLSs, Brokers, and Proptech companies strategically navigate through times of unprecedented competition and change.

PRESTA is an acronym, “Premier Real Estate Solutions and Technology Advisors“. There was certainly a hole left by Clareity Consulting when CoreLogic acquired them back in 2017. T3Sixty have been quick to try and fill the vacuum as well as WAV Group. I respect both Chris and Amy and know the industry will be a better place with their insights. I’m sure they are both nervous and excited about their new adventure and I can’t help but feel a little bit jealous of starting something new.

My best wishes to Chris and Amy, looking forward to seeing you both soon!