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Director of Sales – SentriLock

“The Director of Sales will report to the Chief Revenue Officer, and is responsible for supporting and pushing the organization’s long-term growth and success by managing the production, success, and growth of the sales department and overseeing the development and implementation of the organization’s sales strategy.”


To find out about this job and more please visit the Vendor Alley Job Board.

Bob Morse joins dynaConnections

Bob Morse Joins dynaConnections as Senior Account Executive, Bringing Over Two Decades of MLS Software Expertise

“In his new role, Morse will leverage his wealth of experience to cultivate and strengthen customer relationships, ensuring exceptional satisfaction, and identifying strategic opportunities for growth. Morse’s deep understanding of the MLS industry positions him as a valuable asset in guiding dynaConnections towards continued success.”


Great hire. Congrats to Bob and dynaConnections.

Giant Steps announces two industry veterans to join company.


Dan Woolley partners with Greg Robertson in the recently launched company and Ohan Antebian joins as principal advisor.

COSTA MESA, Calif.,  May 2 – Giant Steps, a new consulting firm that promises to help entrepreneurs and real estate companies accelerate their journey to success, today announced that Dan Woolley will join Greg Robertson as a partner in Giant Steps Company, LLC.  Ohan Atenbian will also join the company.  Both will join existing advisors Greg Robertson and Staci Wood.

“I’m beyond thrilled to have Dan join me on this latest iteration of our 30-year partnership,” stated Giant Steps founder Greg Robertson.  “Dan’s experience and technical know-how will give our clients a distinct advantage,” Robertson continued.

Also joining Giant Steps is industry veteran Ohan Antebian.  Ohan holds an MBA and brings with him 20 years of experience in the organized real estate space. “Ohan has worked in numerous positions in the industry, giving him invaluable insight into business models, operations and valuations of some of real estate’s top companies,” concluded Robertson.

Greg, Staci and Ohan will be attending the 2024 REALTORS Legislative Meeting in Washington D.C. from May 4th to May 8th.  To schedule a meeting or for more information on Giant Steps please visit https://GiantStepsAdvisors.com

About Giant Steps

Giant Steps is founded on the principle of giving back and helping other entrepreneurs and real estate companies accelerate their journey to success.  Greg Robertson and Dan Woolley are serial entrepreneurs with over 30 years experience in founding bootstrapped companies and creating award winning products being used by hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals. 


Greg Robertson
Founder/Principal Advisor

Paragon Connect [Sponsor]

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Continuing today is their list of the top 10 topics to review when making the decision on an MLS platform for your members:

How to choose the right MLS platform for you  

The top 10 “must-haves” when considering a front end for your members 

Earlier this week you learned how advanced mapping, efficient speech-to-text and powerful sharing capabilities can help you find the right MLS for your members, now onto the next three topics.

  1. “Near me” search 

The right MLS system offers users more than one way to search. Another must-have option is near me search. If your client doesn’t like a current property, but loves the neighborhood, then “near me” search enables you to quickly find other listings in the same area that might be just what they’re looking for. This type of search provides a more personalized experience for users and saves time, gas and effort in the property search process by finding properties in close proximity.  

  1. Powerhouse searching  

Search is the most-used feature of any MLS system, an outdated search technology can make it cumbersome and confusing with continuous scrolling to find the information to enter and search for your buyers and sellers. Don’t settle for anything less than intuitive search functionality. You should be able to completely customize your searches to search the way you want and get matches in a snap.  

  1. Mobile App

In today’s digital age, an MLS with a mobile app helps agents access the full power of the system on the go, while using mobile features like facial recognition, push notifications and contact import to save time and increase efficiency. Not only that, the right MLS can also integrate with other apps already on your device – like car play, mapping, messaging, calendars, social media and beyond. If your current MLS app only has limited functionality, it’s reasonable to ask for more.  

We’ve almost made it to number one. Don’t miss us this weekend as we kickoff NAR Midyear when we’ll reveal the number one “must-have” in your next MLS system.

If you’re looking for an MLS that offers these capabilities and much more, discover Paragon Connect

Industry Relations Podcast: The $250M Settlement That will Impact the Industry

HomeServices of America has reached a settlement in the slew of commission lawsuits. Now that a huge domino has fallen, what will happen next in the industry? Rob and Greg discuss  the next steps in the commission lawsuits and the potential challenges faced by copycat lawsuits. They also discuss the role of lawyers and the potential opt-out strategy for larger builders. And how fair are these settlements and will it potentially impact recruiting and retention efforts?

They discuss other major players like Compass, Keller Williams, and EXP, bringing to light the dynamic changes in the landscape, the controversy surrounding CoStar and Realtor.com, the future of Redfin, and discuss the upcoming NAR mid-year meetings. 

This episode is packed with industry insights. 

You are gonna want to watch this on our YouTube Channel!

Connect with Rob and Greg: 

Rob’s Website

Greg’s Website

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Zillow asks industry to save its ShowingTime business

Zillow’s new touring agreement puts consumers first

“Our touring agreement–which expires after seven days and covers touring activities only – does not require compensation or exclusivity. That’s by design. We believe any negotiation of compensation, and what it will look like for the buyer and agent to work together, should happen after both meet and feel ready. At the time when an additional agreement is signed, the buyer and the agent should be aligned on all terms and expectations, including compensation, with no surprises. “

Errol Samuelson, Zillow Group

I think we all knew that the NAR Settlement requirement for agents to have a written agreement for showing homes threw a big wrench in Zillow’s attempt to “Uberize” real estate agents with the “Request A Tour” button.

Under the guise of “putting consumers first” Zillow’s “touring agreement” is a pretty clever attempt to help them save their Premier Agent/ShowingTime Plus business.

In my mind’s eye I can see Zillow’s Industry Relations Reps loading their slide decks, making restaurant reservations, attending to last minute party details, and filling their hotel suites with bottles of Fiji water in preparation for their descent in to Washington DC for the NAR Midyear meetings next week.

Raise your glass of Silver Oak high for these champions of consumers!

Omni Lobby Bar – After Party – Part Deux!

Tradition is tradition. Last year was a huge success so I’ve been asked to do it again. This time we are moving it to Sunday night.

I’m inviting everyone to meet up at the Omni Hotel’s Marquee Lounge, Sunday night (5/5/23). Anywhere from 9 PM on, just get there before last call (Midnight), and let’s all raise a glass together in a place we have enjoyed each other’s company for so long!

Spread the word!! LFG!!

Paragon Connect [Sponsor]

My thanks to Paragon Connect for sponsoring Vendor Alley this month. 

Continuing this is their list of the top 10 topics to review when making the decision on an MLS platform for your members:

How to choose the right MLS platform for you  

The top 10 “must-haves” when considering a front end for your members 

Last week you learned how fast CMAs, simple client collaboration and effective property watches can help you find the right MLS for your members, now onto the next three topics.

  1. Advanced mapping 

Helping guide buyers to their future neighborhood is key to a successful real estate transaction. The best MLS has advanced mapping tools that provide a visual representation of property listings on a map interface. This visual aid helps users understand the location of properties in relation to amenities, schools, transportation, and other important landmarks – because when buyers can see the possibilities, everything feels more real for them. Armed with MLS and public records data, agents can make more informed decisions when marketing or searching for properties.  

  1. Speech-to-text  

Real estate agents are busy, and the last thing they have time for is manual data entry. Look for a MLS platform that has speech-to-text fields enabled for your most common tasks to save you time and effort every day. If your mobile MLS doesn’t allow this functionality, you’re missing out. 

  1. Power sharing  

Get your homes in front of buyers, so you can get buyers into homes. Gain exposure for your listings with power sharing, so your properties can show up on as many channels as possible. The right MLS promotes sharing listings the way your client prefers via email, text message, and social media.

See you next week for more top “must-haves” as we count down to number one.

If you’re looking for an MLS that offers these capabilities and much more, discover Paragon Connect.

Best listing photo ever?

Best caption wins some Vendor Alley swag.

Listing Bits Episode 91: Tether RE, keeping Agents Safe

What do Willie Nelson and keeping real estate agents safe have in common?  You will have to listen to this great conversation with Tether RE founder Scott Martin to find out.

Did you know that in 2020 60,000 real estate agents reported being victims of assault, sexual abuse, robbery or were murdered in the US?  In 2023 over 75,000 real estate agents reported being victim of a crime.  And there are a ton of more incidents that go unreported.

In this wide ranging conversation with Scott Martin, a serial entrepreneur, we talk about where the idea came from, and the journey that got Scott here.  It’s a wild ride!

Join us for fun and entertaining conversation.

Find out more about the Tether RE 


Reach Out:

Connect with Scott

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