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Industry Relations Podcast: Real Estate Forms: Consumer-Friendly or Industry-Driven?

Are real estate forms truly consumer-friendly or are they just industry-driven? In this episode, Doug Miller and Wendy Gilch, Directors of CAARE (Consumer Advocates in American Real Estate), expose what they believe are the flaws in the current buyer agency agreements. From undisclosed dual agency to lack of cancellation clauses, these forms often prioritize the interests of industry competitors over consumers. 

Rob, Greg, Doug and Wendy explore potential solutions such as creating consumer-friendly templates and implementing amendments. They dive into the complexities of fiduciary responsibility and touch on hot-button topics like compensation and collusion. 

Plus, they address the importance of clear disclosure in real estate transactions, education for consumers, and informed consent. Don’t miss this crucial conversation also covering NAR settlement, state forms vs eXp’s form, unauthorized practice of law, referral fees, and negotiation tactics.

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