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“Does this sound like you?

You love marketing. You are schooled in the dark arts of digital, print, advertising, video, direct mail, social media. The tactics matter, but so does the big picture. You live, sleep and dream about all the ways brands can impact the world.

You love branding. You can recite Carl Jung’s 12 archetypes, have a copy of “The Hero and the Outlaw” on your desk and have read “Lovemarks” more than once. You’ve discovered the 3rd hidden element in the FedEx logo and can use your vast knowledge of identity and story to guide work and keep clients enthralled.”

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Thanks Joel

Joel Burslem just jumped to the top of my list of favorite people in the world….

Ode to real estate vendors

“But I’ve also seen a lot of noble ventures. Ideas that have real merit that just need a little coaxing into flower. Some of the best have gone on to great acclaim. Others have earned their just reward.

I am inspired by these folks for a couple of reasons.

First, they actually made something. I know how profoundly difficult this can be. I’ve been there. Grinding and grinding for hours obsessing over pixels, debating features, fixing bugs, stressing about database loads, worrying about business models or where the next – or even the first – dollar will come from. The countless hours and toll that this sort of entrepreneurship takes. It’s not for everyone.

It’s this determination that I find energizing.”

Fittingly I read this in an airport, midway of a trip that has taken me on 6 airplanes in 4 days. #hustle

1000watt starts a podcast

Introducing the Turn On Podcast

“So, we thought we’d share the talking with you once in awhile by doing a podcast. We’re calling it Turn On. Sometimes it will be just Marc and I talking about stuff we’d be talking about anyway, then maybe we’ll invite some guests.

Go listen now.

1000watt partners with Lion & Orb

Lion & Orb | 1000watt Partnership Logo 2Some of my favorite people in the industry are getting together to help real estate related business in the PR game.

Audie Chamberlain (former Director of Social Media Marketing at realtor.com) recently started, Lion & Orb, a public relations agency with a lot of big clients in the luxury real estate space. Brian, Joel, Marc and the rest of the team at 1000watt are great storytellers. They help brokerages and other real estate industry companies get their message out, above the noise.

1000watt partners with Lion & Orb to bring savvy public relations services to the residential real estate and mortgage industries

“1000watt has developed brand messaging for many companies, but has never offered public and media relations to its clients. The alliance with Lion & Orb enables 1000watt to extend its services in this area with a trusted partner. Lion & Orb will continue to maintain its own client roster, but will work closely with 1000watt.”

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