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MLSListings Live featuring Cloud MLX and Cloud Streams

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to demo our products. But, luckily and I was given the opportunity by the folks at MLSListings, on their MLSListings LIVE YouTube channel. I think it came out pretty good. We’ve added a few enhancements over the past couple of years and are super proud of these products.

Something good in 2020

W+R Studios Announces Longest Free Trial Program in Company’s History

“Privately held software company, W+R Studios, announced today a nationwide campaign offering their popular Cloud Agent Suite free to all real estate agents up to February 2021. Beginning October 26th, agents can get up to 3 months of free service on real estate’s most popular tools.
The Cloud Agent Suite includes Cloud CMA (plus Homebeat and Cloud CMA Live), Cloud Streams, Cloud MLX, and Cloud Attract.”

2020 has been rough. We decided to spread a little love and let every real estate professional in North America try all our products free until February 2021. That’s almost 100 days of free service, from Halloween to Thanksgiving, through Chanukah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and the entire month of January to start 2021 rolling! It’s our longest free promo ever.

Please help me spread the word! => Cloud Agent Suite FREE till February 2021

Opendoor partners with Cloud CMA

Cloud CMA will now include all cash offers from Opendoor

“Last year, W+R Studios unveiled a tool called iBuyer Connect, which allowed agents to incorporate all-cash offers from investors into their listing presentation. Robertson told Inman that most of the interest from investors at this point had been home flippers, but now adding Opendoor as a partner in the platform will allow agents using iBuyer Connect to present all-cash offers to owners of turnkey homes.

Agents who refer clients to Opendoor ultimately have two options. Negotiate a traditional listing agent commission with the seller – who will also be paying Opendoor a transaction fee that averages 7.1 percent – or forgo the listing agent commission and receive a 1 percent referral fee from Opendoor.”

We’ve been working on this for over a year. What I think is going to be transformational about this is the software integration between Cloud CMA and Opendoor.

The experience of creating a CMA and going right in to generating an offer is like nothing out there. It really gives agents the advantage in simplicity and speed. And its only going to get better.

In case anybody asks…

Get it? ????

Looking for a little help….

My company, W+R Studios, is running a “Fall Promo” this year. For the first time we are offering all agents the chance to try all our products in the Cloud Agent Suite free until the end of the year. That means agents could have as much as 3 months of free service, this includes our premium product, Cloud Attract, which is usually over $100 per month. And also for the first time we are releasing the new Cloud CMA to all current and new agents.

I recruited some of our W+R employees and made a short video to promote the special offer. I really think it came out great.

What we need to do now is spread the word. So we’ve made it super simple for our friends who want to help by providing 2 things.

1. A co-branded landing page. Here’s what MFRMLS’ looks like:

2. A personalized Media Kit. This will have sample emails, copy, social posts, everything you need. Check out this link to see what MFRMLS Media Kit looks like —->Click to see MFRMLS Media Kit

So please drop Katie or me a line and we will build you a co-branded landing page and send you a personalized media kit.

katie [at] wrstudios dot com
greg [at] wrstudios dot com

If you don’t need a landing page or kit, just sent them to http://cloudagentsuite.com

One of the side effects I’m noticing is that this promotion really helping driving adoption. A lot of the signups are for free member benefit tools. So help me, help you!

The team has some pretty hefty goals, so even if its one email, or one post on your MLS login page, it would really help.

Thanks in advance!

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