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Constellation acquires Offrs, SmartZip acquisition also to be announced soon

Inman News:

“Constellation Real Estate Group announced Tuesday that it has purchased data analytics and lead generation company offrs, continuing a running acquisition spree that has seen the software giant pick up firms focused on everything from marketing to mortgage technology.
In a statement Tuesday, Constellation said that offrs (yes, that’s how the company spells its name) “leverages big data and its proprietary machine learning algorithm to predict future home sales and transactions.” Offrs then provides that data to various real estate professionals, including agents and mortgage companies.
Terms of the deal were not made public.”

Spoiler Alert!

I’m also hearing that Constellation is in the late stages of acquiring SmartZip too, which has been looking for a suitor for quite some time. That deal I’m told will be announced shortly. SmartZip had raised over $30M dollars according to Crunchbase.

I have mixed emotions when I hear of companies being acquired by Constellation, because they have a reputation as bottom feeders and founders rarely take any real money off the table.

Constellation Software (the guys who bought Market Leader) acquire Zurple.

Teke Wiggin from Inman News

Market Leader’s new owner also purchased CRM provider Zurple

“Market Leader provides a customer relationship management system and some online marketing products. Since Zurple basically does the same thing, the acquisition raises the possibility that Constellation might integrate or blend the two.

Zurple offers a website, a customer relationship management system and online advertising management. The advertising managed by Zurple drives prospective buyers and sellers to the Zurple-powered website where some register their contract information.”

It’s kind of getting lonely out here…. : )

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