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Ready to ditch your iPhone?

Pretty cool. A different approach from apps and screens. I know some people that have ditched their iPhones to flip phones just to get away from so many distractions. When I first saw a demo I was wondering what real estate use cases could be implemented and I made the mock up below.

ShowingTime adds the option to schedule virtual showings.

Conducting Virtual Showings with ShowingTime

The spread of COVID-19 has affected almost every aspect of our lives. Communities have shown themselves to be resilient, however, and so too have real estate professionals. Responding to the challenge imposed by the pandemic to continue to serve their clients in a safe, responsible manner, agents have incorporated streaming video technology to offer showings while adhering to social distancing best practices.

I’m a little late to some of this news but I’m just loving how a lot of vendors are stepping up their game during this crisis. ShowingTime in particular. Adding a way to schedule virtual showings is a no-brainer. Plus the showing data they are tracking and publishing is fascinating.

Flexmls has a way for agents to schedule Virtual Open Houses. Remine has announced a soon to be launched feature to create a Live Open House via their mobile app.

MLS organizations like Stellar MLS are putting together handy guides to help their members show the different options they have in their Matrix MLS systems along with best practices.

Black Knight is also launching live streaming options as well.

I’m sure I’m missing a few other solutions here but it’s great to see the old proverb of necessity is the mother of invention come to life in the real estate space.

TRIBUS to send agent-sold data to Zillow immediately after a closing

Finally, Zillow will automatically update agent sales data

In a move that could significantly reduce manual data entry, real estate technology vendor TRIBUS on Thursday announced it will automatically send updated sales data through its brokerage platform to Zillow following a closing.

TRIBUS – which boasts a portfolio of clients that includes RE/MAX Results, Zephyr Real Estate and Climb Real Estate – provides brokerages with custom platforms, brokerage websites, company intranet and other tech products.

The new partnership will allow agents to bypass hours of manually entering home sales data into Zillow, executives said in a statement.

“We’re excited to work with TRIBUS on behalf of our mutual broker partners to automate the publishing of a broker’s sold data to Zillow Group sites,” Sara Bonert, Zillow’s vice president of broker services, said in a statement. “This means their data will get to our sites faster and more accurately, eliminating the need for public records and manual data entry.”

This is a vast improvement over the manual process. Big Kudos to Zillow for working with TRIBUS on making this happen. TRIBUS has been really hustling the past few years and its great to see that work pay off. Congrats to Eric, Katie and the rest of the TRIBUS team.

Rob Hahn launches The Red Dot

The Red Dot, a Premium Monthly Report

I have been looking for a way to help more of you survive disruption, thrive amidst the chaos, and drive the change we need. I think I’ve found a way.

That way is Red Dot, our premium monthly report. It’s a way to experience the level of work I have been doing for some of the largest and most important organizations in real estate for the past 10 years, but with a different level of commitment from you. Your time and money are valuable, and I promise not to waste either.

I will not be able to give you specific suggestions for your organization without working with you on an engagement. But Red Dot will give you enough to set your organization on the right path with the current facts on the ground.

Rob was generous enough to share with me Red Dot’s first issue. To say its comprehensive is an understatement. I can almost guarantee that after reading this you are going to walk in the office the next day with a action item list (which he actually writes for you). He’s done a great job of breaking down the content too. He starts out with an Executive Summary which gives you the gist of the issues he is tackling in the report, which is great if you are super busy and want to overview of the content before going in to detail. After reading this month’s report I feel I’ve got a good deal of understanding to make solid decisions about the issues he discusses.

The report is $250 per month. I would recommend signing up just for this first report alone, and I’m sure you’ll be hooked. BTW, I don’t receive any compensation for any of this. I know Rob has been working hard as hell on this and I’m all about helping anyone wanting to help make this industry better.

You can find out more and how to sign up here.

Good luck Rob on your new venture!

Cloud CMA Teams/Brokers Edition

Cloud CMA badgeThe super duper talented group at W&R Studios just introduced a special edition of Cloud CMA for teams and brokerages with less than 50 agents. Lots of goodies for teams and smaller brokers to enjoy.

Introducing the Teams/Broker Edition of Cloud CMA!

“Well, after tons of feedback, W&R Studios is proud to announce that we have released an edition of Cloud CMA specifically designed for Teams of up to 5 agents, brokerages up to 25 agents, and brokerages of up to 50 agents. To read the full press release go HERE.

Each team or brokerage will have a designated administrator that will upload a branded cover page, logo, header, and footer for each agent that is part of the account. In addition, each agent will have full access to all of the features that Cloud CMA offers.”

Paul Hagey of Inman News also did a nice write up on it too:

Popular CMA now tailored to agent teams, small brokerages

Home values and street names

Speaking of Zillow, Spencer Rascoff and Stan Humphries recently did an OP-CHART in the New York Times today.

The Secrets of Street Names and Home Values

“We learned three things about the relationship between home values and street names: First, names are better than numbers. Second, lanes are better than streets. Third, unusual names are better than common ones.”

Gotta say this is pretty cool stuff! Make sure you check it out and see what your street name tells you about the price of your house.

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