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Greater Las Vegas Association MLS Tech Forum – See you there!

I look forward to GLVAR MLS Tech Forum every year. Stephanie Hill puts on a great event. The event is next week and this year the one and only Stefan Swanepoel will be doing the keynote.

Surprisingly enough they asked me to kick off the event by moderating a panel on technology. So I reached out to a diverse set of people I really respect and who are much smarter than me, Greg Fischer, Sarah Trent Miranda, and Jeff Turner. But I wanted to be a little counter intuitive, and ask the panel, “What technology do agents actually need?”

So if you are in Las Vegas, come join us!

Mike Sparr shares “How To Not Go Out of Business”

Mike Sparr, CEO and founder of Goomzee, just wrote great post about the challenges and decisions vendors face in this business. It’s a long post but worth the read.

How Not To Go Out Of Business

I’ll add to his advice with a bit of my own. Mike talked about the challenges investing in a sales team.

“Now they could make 400 calls per day, automate the voicemail part, reach 90 people daily, do 30 demos and close 1-2 sales. Agents then averaged 20-22 sales/month, bringing my CAC down to about $135. This means at $20/mo product after 7 months of service I pay for my cost of sales and begin earning revenue for the actual product, support, and ongoing R&D. If I wanted to scale sales of this product, I’d have to set aside enough cash to float realistically the first 10 months of every rep’s paychecks before expecting to break-even. You really want to recapture your investment per rep within 2-3 months. Either raise your prices, lower your wages, or roll the dice.”

I would say that adding a Yearly Plan or Two Year Plan, where the agents pay up-front, can help you finance your sales team growth. I’m not sure if Mike meant this when he stated “raise prices”. Good stuff.

CMLS announces 2 CMLX classes at NAR Midyear DC

Two CMLX Classes Offered in DC

“The goal of the CMLX program is to produce certified MLS Management specialists as recognized by the accreditation program of the Council of Multiple Listing Services. MLS Designation recipients will be recognized for their professional competencies based on continued and ongoing training, master of core knowledge and skills, and compliance with competency standards manifested in the knowledge assumptions and skill sets identified by professional peers.”

This has been a big request from CMLS members.

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